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If you've found this website, most likely you're a kid who is very confused right now. Maybe the people around you call you names. Maybe you don't fit into the same size clothes as all your friends. You could be the last kid picked in gym because you have trouble doing the same type of exercises as everyone else. You could have been told by an adult that you eat too much.

Some kids, like us, don't just eat at meals. We don't just eat because we're hungry. We eat because it makes us feel good. We eat when we're sad, and we eat when we want to celebrate. Food isn't just something we need to survive, it's something we need to make us feel better.

TRG Kids is here to help. By connecting you to other kids that also have problems about food, you can talk about ways to make things better. We have found that by working together, we can stop feeling bad, and start feeling good.

Rozanne, the Co-Founder of Overeaters Anonymous once said "I put my hand in yours, and together we can do what we could never do alone."

Welcome to Recovery, Kids!

(Published by Overeaters Anonymous ~

Step 1: We told ourselves that we didn't eat like other boys and girls and that we could not stop eating when we wanted. We felt different.

Step 2: We thought that God could help us stop thinking about food so much.

Step 3: We decided to stop worrying about food and let God help us with our problems. (Some people use the words Higher Power instead of God.)

Step 4: We wrote down everything we ever did that bothered us.

Step 5: We read our list to God (Higher Power), then to a person who cares about us.

Step 6: We felt ready for God to take away the sad or upsetting things we do.

Step 7: We honestly asked our Higher Power to take away the sad or upsetting things we do.

Step 8: We wrote down the names of people we had hurt and felt ready to say we were sorry.

Step 9: We told these people that we were sorry, unless it would hurt them or others. We tried to make up for what we had done.

Step 10: Every day we thought about how we acted and how we could improve.

Step 11: We asked God what to do and for help to do it.

Step 12: Because it had helped us, we told people about OA and the twelve steps when they asked. We kept using the steps everyday.

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