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The WTS ~ Working the Steps list is an e-mail discussion loop with the specific mission of working the Twelve Steps within the group. Each week a designated step leader provides the members with a provocative essay on a specific step and that is followed with questions, subjects for discussions and the step leader's personal experience, strength and hope on that step. In response to this, members answer the questions and the discussion subjects and share their personal ESH with one another relating to the Step.

WTS begins the year in January with Step One and finishes twelve weeks later with Step Twelve. A new leader begins on April 1st with another quarter in which the members are sent essays, questions, discussion subjects and shares relative to the 12 Steps. This procedure continues all year.

We encourage all new members to observe loop protocol for a few days before sharing with the group and look forward to all participants eventually sharing on each step. We also encourage all WTS members to have a personal Step Sponsor. A good share meaningful to all observes the netiquette and is composed of 1. How we used to be; 2. What happened to us; and 3. How we are now in reference to the step. For those who have not worked the steps and who are new to program the step leader's shares, questions and discussion subjects will be invaluable as a guide to the understanding and completion of each step.

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