A Twelve Step Study In Twelve Weeks

Jewish Working the Steps is a quarterly, in-depth e-mail study of the Twelve Steps. Members actively work each Step with their personal sponsor, the WTS Step Leader and one another by posting their Step work to the loop. Although only shares relating to the 12 Steps and/or the Step Leader's share and questions are appropriate for WTS,members often will write private letters to those who share with us.

The text and questions used by the Jewish WTS loop can be found permanently in the archives of the Jewish WTS support loop. All WTS in English Step Studies have been quarterly studies, with the exception of years 1996-2000. In our earlier years they were each one year long with a Step being covered each month. Our Step Leaders have been among the most inspirational Step Leaders imaginable and have brought to the online world of recovery something very special. Our deep gratitude goes to each of them.

Welcome to the Jewish WTS Step Study, 12 Steps in 12 Weeks.

If you would like to join our Working the Steps Group, please send a blank email by clicking here. You will then be part of the current Jewish group who are intently working the Steps and journaling.