Step Seven

Humbly asked Him to remove our shortcomings.

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Humbly asked God to remove our shortcomings.

As OA 12 & 12 points out, this looks simple enough. However, how do we become humble enough that we are truly ready for change?

"In OA we became aware that humility is simply an awareness of who we really are, and a willingness to become all that we can be." (OA 12&12)

"A prayer for genuine humility" (OA 12&12)

Humility is vastly different from the self abasement that I am so familiar with. I view it as truly understanding my place in the universe. So, I see my value, as well as my challenges. It's interesting to focus on humility in the midst of this very complex and responsible life that God has given me. I understand that everything I am able to achieve is a gift from God. When I notice a shortcoming, I turn it over.

We cannot change by ourselves. That's important to understand. So, when progress is slow, it doesn't mean that we have failed.

Shortcomings are also part of our souls. It is not unusual to have something lifted for a time, only to have it return when we are under stress. Please do not panic. Progress not perfection.

"We persist in visualizing and practicing better ways of life." (OA 12 & 12)
"Our willingness to act is an important factor in our healing." (OA 12 & 12)

The AA 12 & 12 covers some similar ground. From here I draw the idea that humility is the chief ingredient that shifts me into recovery. Humility is much simpler than it looks, but also is the work of a lifetime. By myself I am nothing. I must in all things trust and rely upon the God of my understanding. This is the "nourishing ingredient that gives us serenity." (AA 12 & 12)

I need to really work on humility. How would I define it?
Everything that I achieve is God working through me. Left to myself I am a disaster.
I stand shoulder to shoulder with people from every walk of life, as we trudge the road of happy destiny.
I am equal to each human being I meet. Neither less than or more than.

How does humility work out in your life?
Are your working on "acting as if?"

Robin B

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