Step Four

Made a searching and fearless
inventory of ourselves.


Hi everyone

My name is Shlomo,

I am a compulsive overeater and leader of this workshop.

I was asked a question about the Set Aside Prayer to which I answered in a separate post. Since questions and their answers are an integral part of this workshop, I attached the answer to this post. You can read it in the attachment.

I this post you get reading and writing assignments interwoven between my explanations. This demands a bit more work from you, but I know it is worth it.

The Big Book gives a short introduction to step 4 which begins on page 63 last paragraph, and ends on page 64.

FIRST ASSIGNMENT: Read this introduction and note several important points. Step 4 has to be done immediately after step 3 with no delay. Otherwise our step 3 decision will have little permanent effect. Step 4 is the first step we have to take in order to begin carrying out the step 3 decision.. The big book says that step 4 is a personal inventory. And in order to make this statement clearer compares it to a business inventory. I added an attachment in which this comparison is organised in a nice table.

SECOND ASSIGNMENT: Read the Inventory Comparison attachment. the Big Book says that "When the spiritual malady is overcome we straighten out mentally and physically. This is a very strong statement that explains why all the steps 2-12 give us an action plan that deals only with our spiritual malady Remember that the spiritual malady consists of negative emotions,attitudes and actions, that are given different names which mean the same, like wrongs, character defects, liabilities, mistakes. I like to use the name liabilities.

THIRD ASSIGNMENT: Copy the sentences that describe the points I asked you to note . Reflect and share with us The AA 12&12 deals with step 4 on pages 42-54 .

FOURTH ASSIGNMENT: Read the chapter on step 4 and note the following points. The roots of our spiritual malady are three basic necessary survival instincts that often far exceed their proper functions and go to extremes. Those instinct are the security instinct,the sex instinct, and the social instincts. Note the simple examples given in the chapter. Note the results of a person imposing his instincts unreasonably upon others. The results are manifestations of the spiritual malady in action, Note all the liabilities mentioned and discussed in this chapter. The seven deadly sins. The word sin here means a character defect that blocks us from conscious contact with H.P. Our character defects are deadly because they keep us in our spiritual illness. Step four is the beginning of a lifetime practice. Emotional insecurity, financial insecurity and their symptoms

FIFTH ASSIGNMENT: Write the sentences that describe the points I asked you to note . reflect and share with us.

SIXTH ASSIGNMENT: Write down all the character defects that are mentioned in this chapter. Are there any among them that are part of your spiritual malady? Write them down, reflect and share with us.

SEVENTH ASSIGNMENT: Read the Basic Instincts attachment . It sums up some of the main points in the AA 12&12 chapter on step 4. Does it help you to better understand our spiritual malady? Reflect and share with us

EIGHTH ASSIGNMENT: Reflect on the following and share with us: In order to begin recovery from an illness it has to be diagnosed first . The 12 step program deals with recovery from the spiritual malady, since as the Big Book says: on page 64 " When the spiritual malady is overcome we straighten out mentally and physically" Therefore in step four we diagnose our spiritual malady in order to get a clear picture of our disease. After we do this we continue with the recovery actions by doing the rest of the steps

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Have a nice day Shlomo

Shlomo K Worksop leader

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