Leader's Introduction

Hi I am Gail Wolff and I am leading the 3rd Quarter of the WTS Study. Here’s my brief version of my biography: I am 63 years old, divorced. I have two sons who are 35 and 37. I have three beautiful grandchildren that I a blessed to participate in their lives and babysit them quite often. I have another grandchild yet to be born in California. I live in Ohio. I am grateful to be recovering from compulsive overeating one day at a time.

The workshop will last for three months. During that time we are going to work all the twelve steps. Not just about them or write what we think or feel about them and not how we worked them in the past. We will work them in the present.

My share and assignments will go out on Mondays with a resend of that week’s assignment on Thursday, with the help of the awesome TRG team.

There will be action assignments to carry out and we will share about those current actions and their results.

This is a program of change and this change or transformation is a process that is driven by action and more Action.

As we begin this WTS Study, I strongly suggest that you work these steps, with a sponsor. If you don’t currently have one, please get one. TRG has a list of active and available sponsors who will work with you through the quarter. As my Sponsor continues to be a great help to my recovery and life and as Recovery says “together WE get better,” or “isolation is deadly for the addict.”

I am using what Jill had previously,said as she led the WTS and it the same with me that I never had led a group like this before, so I appreciate, your patience and constructive advice. I intend to read everyone’s shares. Be sure to share your work with your sponsor and the loop. If you would like to talk with me personally, send me an email with “QUESTIONS TO THE LEADER” in the subject, and I will promise to respond. Also my personal email is gailwolff@mac.com.

Suggested Reading for Step One: p. 1-7 in the OA 12 Steps and 12 Traditions along with p. 30-43 in the AA Big Book.

Please introduce yourself to the loop and share your eating history (if you are open to do so) with us.

Gail Wolff


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