Step Two

Came to believe that a Power greater
than ourselves could restore us to sanity.

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Principle – Hope

So here we are Step Two– In Step One we have admitted we were powerless over food and/or food behaviors. So now what? If powerlessness is our problem, than it stands to reason that the solution is- we need some power. But if we ourselves don’t have any power where do we get this power?

I can tell you that my Power (whom I call God) has morphed and changed over the 11 years I have been in OA. Coming into the rooms I believed this step was a cinch. After all I practiced my religion – I went to church regularly, prayed, and believed I was following all the tenets of my faith. BUT DID I BELIEVE THAT HP COULD RESTORE ME TO SANITY?? ---YES---I DID. BUT what I DID NOT believe was that HP WOULD!! I guess I felt I was so insignificant that I could not imagine my HP helping me with my COE.

What I did see was that HP helped others with their COE. (remember how I said fellow COE helped me when their shared their stories) Wow! So maybe I could become willing to believe this would happen for me as well.

It is amazing to me that even with these beliefs HP began to restore me to sanity. With that, I “CAME TO BELIEVE…..” What a loving, gracious, forgiving, kind, accepting HP I have ?. I now believe… it has been my experience. I believe it for you also. And if you don’t quite believe right now are you willing to believe???

Step Two Assignment:
Read Chapter 4 “We Agnostics” pg. 44 to 57
Answer these two questions:

1. The Big Book on page 47 provides a question associated with taking Step Two. In the middle of 47, the Big Book authors write: "We need to ask ourselves but one short question. 'Do I NOW believe, or am I even WILLING to believe, that there IS a Power greater than myself?' As soon as a man can say that he does believe, or is willing to believe, we emphatically (or strongly) assure him that he is on his way. It has been repeatedly proven among us that upon this simple cornerstone a wonderfully effective spiritual structure can be built." Now, it's time to choose. Are you willing to admit that there is a Higher Power? If you are, you're ready to take Step Two.

2. Describe characteristics that your HP has, and characteristics your HP does not have.

Thank you for all for sharing your step work, as coming to know you has been a blessing to me.

With love and in Unity,


Thank you all who have chosen to submit your Introduction and Step One to the WTS group. It is my experience that sharing with the group not just helps me to release my “secrets and shame” around COE, but I have also been helped by the voices of others. By hearing their experiences – I do not feel alone; by hearing their hope – I begin to believe I can be hopeful too.

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