Leader's Introduction

Happy October, everyone! Welcome to the 4th quarter Working The Steps. I'm Lainey, COE, grateful to be here, grateful for TRG, grateful for recovery, grateful for the sunshine, grateful for smaller pants, grateful for.... Hmmmm....there seems to be a theme going on here!

TRG is my recovery home. I joined on April 10, 2010, after my doc threatened me with cholesterol meds if I didn't lose the 25 lb I had gained in the previous 2 years. Eight months later, when I decided to get serious, I had white knuckled off 25 lb, hit a bump in life, and put 30 back on in the course of a month or so. I recognized that that was addictive behavior, and as the child of two alcoholic smokers, I had to admit that I had not, in fact, ducked the addictive gene. The only people I knew who had beaten addiction did it through AA, so I sought online 12 step support, and found my home in TRG. After about 9 months in TRG, doing daily (or more) online meetings, I found the courage to attend a f2f meeting, and now attend my f2f meeting weekly. I sponsor both through TRG and through OA.

I started sponsoring on my 44th day of program. Someone at a meeting PM'ed me and asked....I hesitantly asked my sponsor, and she said, "Go for it!" When I pushed the 'send' button with my reply, I expected to feel inadequate, and fearful...after all, I knew so little, it was obvious I couldn't do it "perfectly"! Instead, I was shocked to realize that my first thought was, "Oh sh*t, now I can't quit!!!!"

And I am still here today, doing service, sponsoring, being sponsored. I have maintained a 30+lb weight loss, am imperfectly abstinent, released recreational sugar over 2 years ago, and am so very grateful for this program.

In this step study, I want us to look at the blessings of this program...the blessings of each step...the blessings of this fellowship. Working through the steps is hard work, indeed, and as we journey through the steps, there is often much muck, mire, and challenging truth telling that needs to be gone through. BUT....there is also much joy, laughter, and gift, and as we see this year of 2014 come to an end, I want to focus on that joy, laughter and gift!

So, look for an email from me each Monday (reposted on Thursday) and journey with me to find the pot of gold under the 12 step rainbow! J Remember, we work the steps with a sponsor....so this is the time to locate a temporary sponsor, warn your current sponsor that you would like to share your WTS work with him or her...or dig up the courage to finally find a sponsor to work with. Sponsorship blesses both the sponsor and the sponsee, so don't be shy about asking!

Hugs, and thanks for joining me on this life saving journey.



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