Step Eight

Made a list of all persons we had harmed,
and became willing to make amends to them all.

Leader's Share and Step Questions

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Recovery,

Here are the questions that pertain to step 8:



This week, I stepped in and agreed to teach the class at church for adults with developmental disabilities. Also, I am assisting a man who is blind to have his government benefits reinstated.

I was the type who always allowed others to control, manipulate, and take advantage of me. Many of the worst resentments in my past resulted from this trait.

I make amends as soon as I know I need to. Step 8 was a fairly easy step for me. To be in harmony with God and others, making amends was necessary in order to remove all of the guilt and shame from my past and to have my body, mind, and spirit free of all encumbrances.

In my past, I have done significant emotional harm to myself from eating, isolation, self-pity, resentments, fear, low self-esteem, and allowing others to take advantage of me.

Iíve harmed others by acting out when I reached my boiling point. I would say things to others or do something and deny it later. Because of my fear or others, I would say things looking the other way and do things when nobody is looking.

I have made my step 8 amends and new amends are now handled in step 10. Forgiveness is critical in working this step. Sometimes others have harmed me and I need to forgive them before I can make an amend to them. I say the prayer I shared in step 5 whenever there is somebody I need to forgive.

Love In Recovery,

Dennis Tisdale

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