Step Three

Made a decision to turn our will and our lives
over the care of God
as we understood Him.

Leader's Share and Step Questions

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Recovery,

Here are the questions that pertain to step 3:



I have been listening to God more than before during the last 2 weeks. I have surrendered my food and my life over to God because He can manage it a whole lot better than I can.

Every day is a brand new day with the previous dayís mess-ups behind me. The one thing that goes into the new day is any amend that I need to make from the day before. Each day is a gift from God and He is fully in charge if my day. I commit my life, my business, my family, and everything else to God.

I used to feel crummy all the time. I would be very angry anytime I saw somebody that appeared to be happy. I would feel alone, bitter, angry, depressed, frustrated, and resentful all the time. The program gave me tools and steps to deal with each of these demons and taught me how to feel good. Today, I feel good about life, even if something is happening that I do not necessarily like.

The third step prayer represents the keys to the kingdom for me. It is my key to freedom and independence.

Today, I look forward to positive changes that happen to me. I used to be totally afraid of changes, even positive changes, because of the unknown. I learned how to trust that god will walk besides me through the unknowns of life.

I am spiritually dependent on God for my compulsive overeating and all areas of my life. The spiritual dependence is my only way out of the darkness that was brought upon me by compulsive overeating.

I had to change my thinking from the stinking thinking to positive thinking in order to affect my recovery. God does not want stinking thinking. I had to let go of the stinking thinking and accept Godís will as my own will. My best efforts got me into OA. Only Godís will can lead my life as a life of happiness and serenity.

Spiritual death is when I stop growing on a daily basis. I grow by being open to other people, prayer, listening to others, and accept that my opinion is not always correct.

My dignity developed when I got my self-esteem and got past all of the abuse I got as a child and adolescent. The people who did wrong to me are in their proper place, outside my mind and thoughts. I freely share my story with others in hopes of helping others. Program taught me that I am not just taking up a space and that I really did have something to offer.

My dependence on God has freed me from the hurts from my past. I am no longer shackled by the resentments, fears, anger, and hurts from my past.

There are no barriers to turning my food and life over to God. Early in program, there were many barriers that had to be overcome one at a time. When my family was booted from a church because my children were diagnosed with autism had a profound effect on my trust in God. A little over ten years ago, I had an opportunity to work past this at a OA menís retreat and since that time, I visited that church to share my testimony at their recovery ministry meeting.

Step three is the springboard, which I jumped off from to work the remaining 9 steps. Without this step, the remaining steps would not have been possible because God needs to be fully present in my life as I work the other steps.

I must always be honest with myself and to others and I must always remain open-minded to suggestions that come my way. I remind myself that the wise person seeks counsel while the fool does his or her own thing. Step three is my willingness to give it all over to God and trust that His will is the very best for me.

Love In Recovery,


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