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Nancy A

Hello, I'm Nancy A. from New York, recovering compulsive overeater and alcoholic. I’ve been in AA and sober since July 1994, and in OA since 1996. I’ve had some solid abstinences for years, and some shaky periods in between. Right now I’m abstinent, and not struggling.

After 16 years of actively attending local OA meetings, I have come to realize that recovery can be a very slow process. There are trials, and setbacks, and if we are willing to keep coming back, eventually life makes a lot of sense, food doesn’t scream at us to be eaten, and we are working and realizing the dreams and plans we’ve had for our lives. Every time I work the steps, I grow. I am 58 years old, a single woman with a dog, and with my own business, which I built up from one client and confidence that with God’s help, I know who I am and what I want to do.

I attend local OA meetings, and do many kinds of service for and beyond the group level when possible. TRG has been a big part of my recovery over the past a4 years. I feel happiest and most serene when I am working my program and helping someone else work theirs. That’s the OA way, and that’s the way for me.

There is no greater way to turbo- charge our spiritual growth, and get relief from the burden of compulsive eating and all that goes with it, than to dive into the 12 steps of Overeaters Anonymous, as adapted from AA’s program of recovery from alcohol addiction.

There is no limit to how many times you can work the steps. Many of us work them over, and over again, peeling the layers of the onion, as they say, to reveal the core essence of who we are, and how we can best live this precious life that we have.

There is no right way to work the steps, only that we work them. Each week I will share my experience with a step, and pose some questions to help you fully explore the internal process that each step poses. Remember, recovery is an inside job. The steps work best in the order that they are given. Step one prepares us for step two, step two prepares for step three, and so on and so forth.

Please strive to take a few moments to really look within when writing on the questions. Try not to “dash off” quick answers quickly i-phones without fully thinking about what you are being asked. Asking God to help you while you work each step is a great idea. Working with a sponsor, or a program “fellow” is also recommended, as it will enrich your experience, and provide perspective, and clarification when needed. OK, I think that’s all for now. Be well and I will be writing to you on Monday.

Yours in service,

Nancy A.


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