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Phyllis here; chunkie, drunkie, junkie...clean, sober, abstinent since May 20, 1972

My story is not much different than anyone else's except I am still here! The brutality of this disease is a surprise to everyone. Who would have thought about the spiritual, emotional, and physcial impact. I was a co of the lowest type.

I started on drugs at 12 because my mother felt I was a bit fat. Drugs kept me awake longer so I had more time to eat and eat I did. My life for the next 29 years was filled with diets, binging, exercise, binging, starving, binging, drugs, binging. Get the picture? I had difficulty with my family, friends, jobs, school, and just about every situation I tried to control. My history of getting along with men, women and children was not a pretty one.

Ok, so there I was 40 years old. I had been widowed at 34, kids were 6,8,10. I worked and tried to take care of EVERYTHING. I must have done a good job, because we all made it out alive. I did not know what was ahead of me, except, I thought, more gloom and dread.

I came into the Program late fall of 1971 and could not believe what it was. But that is another story for another time. It took me a couple of months to move from the back of the room to a seat up closer. It was a totally new experience. I went from being so "different" to fitting right in. However, I would not share that with anyone. I could do this alone. Well, I couldn't. So the following spring, I declared myself a compulsive eater. It was at this time, I realized that I was also an alcoholic and a drug user. I overdosed on alcohol and pills once....that was enough.

I got a sponsor, bought all the literature, did assignments, went to meetings, used the phone....all the necessary tools for recovery. I use the date of 5/20 as the date I really started abstinence on 3 levels. My abstinence was the most important thing in my life. It still ranks very high. I studied the BB and the AA12x12 (we did not have our own literature at that time). There was only one food plan and I went on it and still stay on it with moderate changes, but still do not eat sugar, sometimes flour, but not too often. I like it too much.

Fast forward, next May, G-d willing, I will celebrate 40 years of abstinence. That's a miracle, one of the many in my life. I am still active in programs and connected to my HP.

I am happy to be doing this service and hope we can develop a beneficial relationship.


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