Leader's Introduction

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Recovery,

First, please accept my apology for getting my introduction out one day late.

I first began OA back in March 1980 expecting to find a diet and scales to be weighed in once per week. I did find a booklet of food plans and her the message “keep coming back.” I chose the most liberal food plan in the book, modified it to my liking, and failed during the first week. I came back the following week and I got a sponsor who got me started in the program. I lost lot’s of weight and started giving service. By 1982, I was binging on service opening 5 meetings per week and serving on the intergroup board. I declared myself cured and stopped going to OA.

I returned to OA in 1984 and I been going ever since. I learned to give service to only one thing at a time, keep coming back, take the 12 steps very seriously, and keep learning. I have worked all the 12 steps several times in different settings. I worked them in F2F OA, here in the WTS, and a recovery program at my church. Each time I go through the steps, I learn even more about myself and what makes me tick. Because I been through the steps several times, I tend to go deep when working the steps. I feel this is important for me because this is where the growth and recovery is for me in the program.

Because of the 12 steps, I am no longer a victim, but rather I am a survivor of the following:

    Bullying in school
    Verbal sexual abuse
    Being treated as less than as well as an outcast
    Physical abuse
    Sadness and depression

God has given me opportunities to work with others who have suffered from the above and to walk along beside them on their walk to recovery.

I look forward to leading the study this quarter and reading each of your responses. I do consider each and every one of you to be my brother or sister in recovery and I love each and every one of you.

I will be posting my first set of questions tomorrow morning.

Love In Recovery,


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