Step Ten

Continued to take personal inventory
and when we were wrong promptly admitted it.

Leader's Share and Step Questions

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Recovery,

Here are the questions that pertain to step 10.


1. List something positive that somebody else has done for you and you shared your appreciation to him or her. Do you find it hard to show appreciation to others?

2. Have we begun to practice justice and courtesy to those we dislike? Write about how you can start practicing this principle.

3. Draw up a two-column balance sheet for the upcoming week. On one side write the things you've done right -good intentions, good thoughts and good acts. On the other, write the things you feel you could have improved upon. Share this with the loop and at least two people after you finish this

4. Discuss and reflect upon the following concept: "Every time we are disturbed, no matter what the cause, there is something wrong with us.”

5. Discuss and reflect on the idea that justified anger ought to be left to those better qualified to handle it. How have you dissipated some anger in a healthy way during the last week?

6. The purpose of Step Ten is to continue our daily inventory and check our daily progress. Name some things you need to guard against if you are to continue your progress.

7. Have you stopped trying to make unreasonable demands on the ones you love? Write on the last unreasonable demand and the results of that demand. How do you tell what is reasonable and what is unreasonable?

8. Are you able to stay abstinent, "Keeping emotional balance and living to good purpose under all conditions?" What are some of the ways that you work on keeping emotional balance?

9. List your assets and liabilities. How can you convert "The pains of failures into assets?" Think of a specific example where you have done this.

10. What can you do to stop having emotional hangovers? Write about the last one you had and the state you were in when it was caused.

11. How can you acquire the habit of accurate self-appraisal through Step Ten?


A client shared their appreciation to me last week and I immediately thanked them for it.

This was a hard one for me. But when I started praying for those I do not like, this because very easy for me. This makes it easier for me when they are around and they no longer stir up feelings inside of me.

Whenever I am disturbed, there is usually a resentment or anger going on inside of me and it is my problem to deal with. The cause of the resentment or anger is usually long gone and the internal issues are all mine to deal with. I do not handle holding onto anger well because the feelings make me want to eat.

The two things I must guard against are resentments and anger. Also, I must guard against those situations where I need to express anger to somebody rather than let the person walk all over me. This is also how I maintain my emotional balance.

Emotional hangovers (or head trips) are very dangerous for me because they stir feelings of anger and resentments without actual events taking place. I used to do this for situations at work and my head would go places where things would never happen and I would feel so crappy for no reason at all.

I must always remain honest with myself no matter what and keep out of denial in all areas of my life. I call upon the Lord to help me in this on a daily basis.

Love In Recovery,

Dennis Tisdale

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