Step Six

Were entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character.

Leader's Share and Step Questions

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Recovery,

Those of you, who copied me on your answers, thank you! I have read each of your responses and I feel so blessed to be part of your recovery.

Here are the questions that pertain to step 6.


1. List the positive things you have done for the first time, within the confines of the program, during the last week.

2. Did you say the prayer in question 6 in the step 5 questions for each person you still need to forgive? If not, create a listing of the barriers to you doing this and write out your personal action plan to overcome the barriers.

3. Has your obsession with food vanished? If not (a) what steps can you take? (b) If yes, Why? What can you do for the consistent removal of the obsession? Write out a personal action plan for dealing with this.

4. Do you truly believe that your own willpower will not work with food?

5. Make a list of character defects that you are ready to have God remove.

6. Pick a defect of character that seems to be troubling you such as resentment or jealously of a person, place, or thing, or perhaps pride or procrastination. Ask yourself if you are entirely ready to give it up. If you are not ready, make a list of the reasons why you still want to keep that defect. What are the pay-offs for giving the defect up? What are the pay-offs for keeping it? Now, ask God to help you to be willing to give this character defect up.

7. Make a list of your "No, I can't give this up yet" items. Why is it necessary to make a beginning and keep trying?

8. Explain the concept as it relates to you: "Delay is dangerous and rebellion may be fatal."

9. List the character defects you really enjoy that "masquerade" as something other than they are. Now make a list of your positive character assets. Check and see if any 'positives" are really masquerading" negatives. Write on what this question has meant to you.


Overall, my obsession with food has been lifted one day at a time. The challenge placed before today is to make more choices that are plant based rather than animal based. This is because I am 56 years old and years of being indoctrinated with the high protein; low carbohydrate diets are starting to kick me where it hurts. Learning to shift food choices for health is a challenge that I leave to God to lead me through. If I had any form of willpower that worked with food, none of you would have ever gotten to know me because I would not need the 12 steps.

I have dealt with several character defects over the years to have them lifted by God. The most recent was my failure to get mad when I should. I would not get ticked off when it was appropriate to get ticked off. Being a compulsive victim, martyr, and doormat, this was a really hard one for me.

One of the positive character traits I used to claim was that I was always so nice and agreeable. This actually covered up the negative trait of not standing up for myself when I needed to.

Love In Recovery,

Dennis Tisdale

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