Step Seven

Humbly asked Him to remove our shortcomings.

Step Questions
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Dear Brothers and Sisters in Recovery;

Here are the questions that pertain to step 7.


  1. List the positive things you have done for yourself during the last week.

  2. Make a detailed list of the things that you are grateful for and state why you are grateful. Include in your list the things God has done for you that you could not do for yourself? After you complete this list, pause and say a prayer giving thanks for each of the things in your list.

  3. How has working the twelve steps helped you work through fear?

  4. Do you truly understand humility? Discuss and reflect on how humility has affected your life.

  5. Discuss and reflect on the act of (a) humbly asking God to remove defects; (b) Having faith that is vital, accompanied by self-sacrifice and unselfish constructive action.

  6. The mental hygiene and spiritual housecleaning we have started in our inventories and continued in Step Five reach their climax in Step Seven. Are you ready to fully subject your will to God? Do you wish to surrender to Him all your moral imperfections?

  7. What has there "Never been enough of” for you?

  8. How do you make honesty, tolerance and true love of man and God on a daily basis to live by?

  9. Do you still place self-reliance first and are you still rebellious?

  10. How can humility give us serenity?

  11. How does the taking of the Seventh Step aid in the reduction of Ego?

  12. What unreasonable demands have you made upon others, yourself and God? How did self-centered fear play a part?

  13. What proof have you had that other problems besides "the deadly obsession of eating compulsively" can be banished?

Say the following 7th step prayer from the AA Big Book every day for one week "My Creator, I am now willing that you should have all of me, good and bad. I pray that you now remove from me every single defect of character, which stands in the way of my usefulness to you and my fellows. Grant me strength, as I go from here, to do your bidding. Amen." What does this prayer mean to you?


        I stood up to my wife and held my ground rather than allow her to talk down to me. I know I do not have to do everything she asks “on the double.”

        I am grateful for so many things, I will plug up the loop. I am grateful for God because He always shows up when I need him. I am far from perfect from turning things over to him. But as time passes, my faith in Him grows.

        The 12 steps taught me to trust God and that His way is actually the best way for me although I have a problem seeing it that way at first. I must always trust, no matter what.

        I had to learn that humility does not mean to eat humble pie. I am not supreme over others and I am not beneath everybody either. I am equal in this world playing out the part that God assigned to me.

        I have humbly asked God to remove things that were wrong about me so many times and God always shows up. My part is not to take it back.

        I used to never have enough money. I always thought everybody always had more than me.

        I learned to love all others as God’s children, even those who are jerks. I seldom place self-reliance first. However, I must always do the footwork.

        Living a life of humility means that the chaos has no place in my life. Many things I have no control of. Although some things done are outright wrong, I still have no control. God is the one in charge and when I give the problems to Him, they are not longer my problems.

        I am one who made very few demands on others out of fear of their reactions. I have not made unreasonable demands, however I have been in unreasonable situations where demands should have been made.

        God has taken away my constant fear of financial insecurity.

        The 7th step prayer means so much to me because it is where I ask God to come into my house and to clean house. My experience is that not only God is eager to clean house, the things of my past are forgiven by His son’s death on the cross.

Love In Recovery,

Dennis Tisdale

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