Step Five
Admitted to God, to ourselves and to another human being
the exact nature of our wrongs.

The response to Step Four was simply incredible. So many of you shared so deeply and profoundly.

In one sense, by posting to the WTS loop, you have also done Step Five. There is an advantage, however, to doing Step Five with a sponsor or other specific person, wisely chosen, because that person can respond to you. If the person is themselves experienced in program, or trained in some way, their response will not be at all negative, and often will be very helpful.

Also, there may be some more explicit things you want or need to cover than you cared to share on the loop. The sharing on the loop was wonderful, though.

So the questions are simple:

1. Have you made arrangements to share your inventory with someone? Is there anything that keeps you from this?

2. Have you done so, or made an appointment to do so?

3. Many people find that telling God about it is done well when we have some sort of ritual to mark it.
For example:

A. Put the list in a God Box, for a time. A God Box could be anything, from a coffee can to a jewel box!
B.Think of some symbol, perhaps a word or phrase, that sums up how you feel about telling God all these things.
C. Allow yourself some time to realize that these things are now gone from you, they need not trouble you again.

4. Keep a copy of your answers, as we will use them to help uncover the “character defects” in later steps.

Love yourself for having come this far already.

I have a sponsor to share with. I have done so. I feel “clean.”

And I’m giving myself a big hug right now.

Till next week, then.




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