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moral inventory of ourselves.

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Hi everyone
My name is Shlomo.
I am a food addict and compulsive overeater.

We begin our writing of step four with our resentments which are a very serious manifestation of our spiritual disease. Remember, If anything is not clear to you in the assignments, my shares, the steps, you are invited to ask questions. So without further ado let us get to it.

As I said in my previous share we do one instruction at a time according to the Big Book. The instructions begin on page 64.

1. "In dealing with resentments we set them on paper."
Get a notebook and a pen. We are going to make a three column table like the example on page 65. We will use only one side of each page for the table in our notebook and leave the other side blank. We will need it for something else. We will do it in stages, which I call easy to swallow bites. The stages are explained in the next assignments.

2. "We listed people, institutions or principles with whom we were angry."
This sentence tells us to fill the first column. So now we deal only with the first column. The heading of the column is: "I'm resentful at". I suggest you write three names to a page in the first column with spaces between them, and leave the other side of the page blank. This may mean a lot of pages. Well, that is why I suggested a notebook. I suggest you use the following 'resentment inventory support file' to help you fill the first column.

3. After we finish with the first column on all the pages we need in the notebook, we turn to the second instruction. "We asked ourselves why we were angry" Now we fill the second column. The heading of this column is "The Cause" . The example table on page 65 demonstrates how we should fill this second column.

4. After we finish with the second column on all the pages of our notebook we go over to the third column. The heading of this column is " Affects My" The Big Book explains the contents of this column and how to fill it on pages 64-65. "In most cases it was found that our self esteem...we were usually as definite as this example." We will fill it as was done in the example for 'Mrs. Jones, My employer and My wife'. Let us also examine the following support file which is called seven parts of self.
This file explains the parts of self that may be affected and which are used in the third column. Pay also attention to the word [fear] in the third column and add it when needed.

5. After we finish with the third column on all the pages We read our entire table. all pages of it You don't share the actual table with us. That is between you and your sponsor.

6. Read page 65 from below the table, to page 66 "....but for alcoholics (compulsive eaters) these things are poison." Mark the sentences that resonate with you and describe you. Pay special attention to the devastating and fatal effects of resentments on us. Reflect and share with us.

7. Read page 66-67 "We turned back to the list.......tolerant view of each and everyone." I call what is written here the 'turnaround'. Mark the sentences that resonate with you. Pay attention to the following: Our resentments make others dominate us, we are powerless over our resentments. The remedy is change of attitude toward 'people who wrong us are spiritually sick.' "To change attitude we need H.P. Whenever we ask something from H.P it is a prayer. Pay special attention to the two prayers we say here." This is a God help program and not a self help program.

Reflect and share with us. I suggest you use those prayers on a daily basis.

I think that's enough for now.

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