Sought through prayer and meditation
to improve our conscious contact with God
as we understood Him, praying only for knowledge
of His will for us and the power to carry that out.


First let me thank you for letting me be your leader for this quarter. I gained a lot from doing it and trust you will have done so too.

Now this is the answer to all those who say what do we do after we have worked all the steps! Now that we are no longer asleep to the devastation of our disease of compulsive overeating and its many tributaries that invade our whole life, we get to carry this message (our experience, strength and hope) to our fellow sufferers within and without our meetings. We need to be aware of those who are interested in our example and remember that we are the example of recovery. We have to model naturally what the program has done for us and what it can do for others who want it. In some ways we have already made this start in our family and community, but there is a lifetime to go.

As a bonus we get to practice these principles in all of our affairs. They work for any dis-ease or problem as long as we keep willing and use them. If we rest on our laurels rather than rely on our Higher Power as we grow to know Him we will flounder. If we keep doing the program we will thrive.

In The Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of Overeaters Anonymous book on Step 12 gives a wonderful summary of the steps. On page 103 it lists the main principle behind each step. Step 1 honesty, step 2 hope, step 3 faith 4 and 5 courage and integrity and so on. Well worth reading or ordering that book.

OA is not a diet club, it is a way of life each of us can practice recovery and live in a closer relationship with our Higher Power. To keep it we need to share it. Like any treasure it is better if we share it.


How has the daily practice of these steps or the ones you have gotten to strengthened you life?

How has the principle of service as found in the literature made life easier for you?

Can you see how the steps are a way to actively work at letting go and letting God?

Again thank you for walking these steps with me.

Step Eleven

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