Sought through prayer and meditation
to improve our conscious contact with God
as we understood Him, praying only for knowledge
of His will for us and the power to carry that out.


1. Open your diary/notebook and write the step 12 sentence.

Please read the following;

BB: Chapter 7 "Working with others", page 89 (3.edition)
OA: Step 12
AA: Step 12
Please listen to these 6 sound files about RELATIONSHIPS.

While reading, take 3 colours of your own choice.
1. Colour/ underline everything that you recognize in yourself,
2. Colour/ underline everything that you find important, and
3. Colour/ underline everything that you can die from.

Daily exercise for diary:

Daily powerlessness list
Daily gratitude list
Daily surrender list (with motives included)

Pray the 12th step prayer of your own choice:

Lord, you loved me when I was yet in my disease.
Help me to tell others that they are acceptable and loved.

Thank you God, for the wonderful people who so changed my life. Help me pass it on.

Higher Power, please always remind me, that I can only change another through my love. That is how you changed me!

Talk to your sponsor everyday!
If you think you have "nothing to say", write her/him anyway!

Step twelve principle is SERVICE!

Now it's the time to carry the message, and give back what you so generously have been given. Do you remember what you needed when you were new? Time, patience, love, understanding, a listening ear, support, explanations, help, encouragement, willingness and tolerance - a lot of it.
By helping others you HELP YOURSELF. This is your life insurance; you need to keep it alive, in you and with others. By constantly remembering WHO you are and HOW we must keep on working to stay alive without compulsiveness, we need to grow, in spirit, every day. Less selfishness and more Gods-will, all the time. Very simple - not easy. Please remember you will not have a diploma in the mail, we are only one more day abstinent and not masters in 12 steps.

Whenever a compulsive overeater asks for help - for that I am responsible!

Summary questions:
  • How do you practice honestly today?
  • Hope?
  • Faith?
  • Courage?
  • Integrity?
  • Willingness?
  • Humility?
  • Love?
  • Self discipline?
  • Perseverance?
  • Awareness?
  • Service?
  • How can you "twelve step" others?
  • Do you have a solution to offer?
  • To whom will you offer it?
  • How can you avoid pushing or forcing people to the program?
  • Give examples of good "12 stepping"
  • Give examples of bad "12 stepping"
  • In which ways do we 12 step? Have you tried them?
  • In what relations is it hardest to live by "Gods will"?
  • Explain why we can not miss out on any relations
  • Give examples of how we LIVE what we believe in.
  • Give examples of how this way of life helps us to not fall back into abuse.
  • Where can we grow?
  • How can we always remember who we are?
  • Are you willing to take on a sponsee right now?
  • Are you willing to fire those sponsees not willing and find a newcomer in desperate need for help and willingness to survive?
  • What is the message I am living?
  • Take the steel on steel test, share only with your sponsor.

Step 12 guarantees:

You have now completed the most important task in your life, and please remember to never stop, never take a break, never slow down, and please never think you are cured. Start over with the first step next week. We always learn something new when we go through the steps. If you found that you need to look into certain areas of your life, try to visit a fellowship that can help specifically with that. Don't be ashamed or scared to go outside your safety zone.

We have only one day reprieve on a deadly illness - compulsive overeating - by the grace of God and this program, our friends, and our forefathers and the most important member - the NEWCOMER. Keep it fresh; keep on working, it always work when WE work it.
What ever you liked in this step study, please pass it on. Whatever you didn't like, leave behind. May God bless you all in your daily work, and thanks for being here!

All the best to you,

Step Eleven

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