Continued to take personal inventory and
when we were wrong, promptly admitted it.


There are several ways of doing this step. Most of us who have cleaned the slate or let our HP clean the slate with 4-9 want to continue that state of being for it really feels good and is helping us in our daily relations. It can be done in a second or at the end of the day. It can involve serious work 4-9 on a continuing problem or a new one. Maybe something has come up that is bothering you with your relationship with self, God or another person that you need to turn over first to your self, then let God know you know about it and with the one you have harmed. Maybe it is just OOP's there I go again. Please forgive me. Not making a federal case of it.

In all these you are seeking to be involved in making peace. Many of us will find that this peace doesn't come from ourselves but from God. Peace that is bigger than any monkey wrench we throw at it. Not peace life putting down war but inner peace of support during the war and after.

Many of us are just starting to live life on life's terms without substances as companions or God (or demons) unto themselves. Now that we have done all this work on the steps we may think it is going to be a bed of roses from now on. Oh how I wish it was true. Many of us need our friends in OA even more. And the 12 steps become an outline for living. (Though some of us thought it was a outline for dying.!)

But back to step 10: Each day is a new day. When something comes up we handle it. Sure we feel sad but it is not a fact. (Feelings aren't fact's -- acting negatively on feelings make for negative facts.) I sure feel sad about my husband's illness and have selfish thoughts about our future. At least with lip service I want to be with my husband and know that God is with us both and will take care of, even in surprising ways. I have to turn to Him for help and fight the urge to dwell on the pain and negativity; and to enjoy this day.

One way is to make a chart for a quick look at of step 10 issues we are working on. Then we can check it out when our day ends where possible make amends at least by intention before we go to bed. Then we can plan how to do better tomorrow. IN THIS AREA I AM FAR FROM PERFECT, but that is my goal.

Another is to accept correction with thanks for "letting me know". We went to lunch after our f2f meeting and my sponsor said I came close to cross talking at the meeting. Usually the defensive me would say "no I didn't". Rather I said thanks for letting me know.

Remember only step one can be done perfectly. It is progress not perfection and that is what the maintenance steps 10-12 are going to do for us if we work them.


How have you used this step?

Do you need to or have you designed a check list?

Have you also looked at the good side of today's inventory?

What do you make a federal case of? Scrubbing the side walk with acid rather than sweeping it clean?

Is it becoming automatic?

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