We admitted we were powerless over food,
that our lives had become unmanageable.

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12 Step Workshop Introduction

Welcome everyone,

I am Pat a compulsive overeater recovering one day at a time in Overeaters Anonymous for 31 years. If you are new welcome. If a retread welcome. If you are in relapse or just coming out of it, I was there for 5 years ending about 12 years ago -- welcome. You never have to be alone again. If you feel left out in this welcome, welcome!

No musts, no should's, some of the things we share within the fellowship is like lifelines thrown that we hope you grab and hold on tight to the ones that help you.

For me the recovery is in the Steps and the fellowship one day at a time by the grace of my HP who I know as God and this fellowship. Having been in a relapse that I took because I was in a very intense Bible class and it interfered with my meeting. I know that leaving the face to face (f2f) meetings and the fellowship to focus on one aspect of my recovery is not what my HP wants for me. This disease is a threefold disease with symptoms showing in the whole person: mental, physical and spiritual We need to work on all three. As I see it, the work is to rely on God, stay in the fellowship (keep coming back), work the steps to the best of our ability and use the tools.

Our Steps and Traditions were first assembled by men and women who had the disease of Alcoholism. These came from their experience and the co-founders Bob and Bill with the first 100 people put them to practice and paper. Their fellowship produced the (AA BB) Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book a treasure for all compulsive and addicted people. When I started we had little literature of our own and no Internet. Therefore I used the AABB and their (12/12) a Book-The Twelve Steps and Traditions of Alcoholic's Anonymous. My first copy has many underlines, ice tea marks and tears inscribed in them. Thank goodness I identified with them completely. All we did was change alcohol to food and sobriety to abstinence. Read with an open mind we were on the way to a new way of life. Now OA (Overeaters Anonymous) has its own 12/12 and we still use the BB. We have our own literature and 35 plus years of recovery.

About me, I have one day at a time, except those 5 years, not binged and not grazed. My Abstinence is in the hands of my HP one day at a time. My food plan has changed many times, I have a sponsor and I get to meetings. I went to more meetings in the first 20 years, one a week now. I do service on several levels and I am grateful. Thank you for allowing me to be your leader.

I will write a little and give several questions or suggestions. You may share as you wish and hopefully will share them with your sponsor.


1. We admitted we were powerless over food --that our lives had become unmanageable.

I found using a dictionary helped me, words such as admitted, powerless, unmanageable.

When I walked in all I could think of was losing weight, I had tried Weight Watchers, fasting and praying. None worked. At 33 married and with a new son, I thought my life was over and even if I lost weight it would be no use and I would gain it back again. Hadn't I gone from near 200 to 160 pounds in one lent on 400 - 500 calories per day and gained half of it back in two weeks? Hadn't I taken the geographic cure and gained more?

Our histories may vary. The reasons we got here are not the way we get into recovery. The point is we want to stop chasing the food that hurts our body, our mind and our spirit. We want to live and have to eat to survive. We don't have to compulsively overeat if we work the problem and help each other in this fellowship.

The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop compulsive overeating.

Now am I powerless? Yes by myself, without the steps and it has dominated my life.

1. How did you get to this list or to OA f2f meetings?

Are you powerless? If not list your food history, diets, effects on your social life, medical life and physical life.

What more would you like to try before commitment to the new way of life one day at a time?

PS: powerless! The list was mixed up yesterday. I couldn't control it, I asked for help and got it. My emotions said it was my fault but I kept trying. I prayed and asked for help from my peers.


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