Were entirely ready to have God
remove all these defects of character.


By now you have taken a close look at your life, its situations, events, the feelings surrounding those, and your part in each item. Some of us are at different levels of being "ready" to have God remove our defects.

You were willing to open the suitcase and begin to unpack. Some items may still be tucked towards the back. Look on the bright side; these items can be examined when you begin to work the steps all over again at another time.

Any seasoned traveler knows that one doesn't learn to pack needed items overnight; it even takes practice to recognize unnecessary clutter and to items you need to keep that will serve in use for the "trip." This is why we call it "recovery work."

During the steps, you will notice that you may feel different levels of willingness to examine certain things. Many of us have felt this way.

In Step Six through Eight, we will be learning about accepting imperfections: ours and "theirs," and letting Higher Power sort through them, using flaws as He will (or not) in His own time.

A favorite meditation found In "Just For Today, an OA publishment available at, pg. 291, October 17th reading), says: We carry our homes within us which enable us to fly. ---John Cage
The meditation starts: Where I live is inside myself. My home is mine to keep exactly as it has always been-- or to change it. The steps tell me how to clean and rearrange my home; when I am ready, my Higher Power removes stubborn defects I can do nothing about. I alone can clutter up the space I live in with resentments, anger, self-pity--and I alone can deal with that clutter. I have the tools I need and helpers standing by. I no longer have to be a victim, letting old ideas creep in and destructive thoughts pile up. The OA program shows me how to keep my home in good order.

For Today: Am I comfortable within myself? Do I give myself the cleanliness, warmth and caring I need?

So! Are you ready? If you feel there was more that needed to be written you can always jot things down to include in your next inventory. Give yourself credit for being willing to do the work!

1. Suggested Reading for Step Six: Pg. 78 - 81.

2. Are you convinced that God can remove your defects?

3.      a)Have you experienced a block during the step work, so far? Either way, most will benefit from reading about "Finding Conscious Contact With God." Other Suggested Reading: In the Big Book, Chapter 6, (3rd Ed.) on pg. 86-88. In the On-line AA BB, go to Chapter 6, page 15 of 17, start reading where the paragraph begins, "On awakening let us think about the twenty- four hours ahead. We consider our plans for the day. Before we begin, we ask God to direct our thinking . . . "

     b) Please share your meditation style and how you have sought HP's leading.

     c) Share your thoughts about any thing you have read or anything that has struck a chord within you during this work.

4. Did the words "Were entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character," cause you any difficulties? If so, describe it and how you worked through it.

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