Step Seven

Humbly asked Him to remove our shortcomings.


Here comes that word again, humbly. Step 6 and Step 7 go together like Love and Marriage. You can't have one without the other. In Step 6 we got ready for the miracle and in step 7 we ask for the miracle. We come right out and ask God for the miracle of being rid of our shortcomings. We no longer want to use them as the main factor in our life: the food, the dishonesty, the resentments, and the out and out insanity of the life of a compulsive overeater. We want our lives changed.

Up until this point our life was filled with the insanity of eating compulsively even when we were looking for ways to stop. We lied about the food. We lied about the feelings. We rationalized why we were never satisfied with what was going on in our lives. We discounted the truth because we could not see where we fit in. Now with one prayer our life would be full of the good things dreamed for most of our life.

Last week we became willing to have God remove all our shortcomings. This week we ask humbly for them to be removed. If we have done our part, if we have cleaned up our side of the street, if we have humbled our heart, if we are looking out for others, if we are walking in the sunlight of the day, if we have changed because we no longer are running the whole show, if we are doing the footwork, if we are working the steps to the best of our ability then we have every right or lean on God for this step to bring us a new life, a trust in our HP to do for us what we cannot do for our self.

I don't know what life he will design for you. For me he replaced my compulsive overeating with skills I never tried before. Instead of time spent on food I was able to spend time on studies to get an associate degree at the age of 61. How about that! I'm a college graduate. I worked as a director at a local not for profit concern instead of spending hours and hours shopping for food to be hidden and eaten in secret. The bloated body I was nurturing was replaced with a healthy body and my soul filled with thanksgiving and love. For those family members who kept resisting my inclination to urge my desires for a better life on them I am thankful they were strong enough to resist.

My most flagrant defects have been removed. When I try to take them back, which I have the habit of doing once in a while; God always lets me know I am not as smart as I think. I still find life a struggle at times. I used to say people gave me a hard time, but now I know I was the one giving them a hard time. My children have grown into fine mature upstanding adults who love their spouses, do their jobs, pay their bills and don't ask me for money. How that happened I don't know except that God let me know I was only in charge of me and not any one else. Every day is a new lesson learned or new words heard telling me what I need to hear. I live today's life today.

I did not have a magical experience. My life just got better and better. My attitude changed from looking out for me to doing the next right thing, to working the program to the best of my ability one day at a time.

It can happen for you this week when you say the Step 7 prayer: My Creator, I am now willing that you should have all of me, good and bad. I pray that you now remove from me every single defect of character which stands in the way of my usefulness to you and my fellows. Grant me strength, as I go out from here, to do your bidding. Amen.

"Before this Step, it was all about me--my powerlessness, my beliefs, my shortcomings, and my plans to resolve them. This Step changed all of that. This deference-'respect or esteem due to a superior'-clarified who was in power, who I should believe in and the reason for giving over my shortcomings. It is all about becoming the person that my Higher Power needs me to be in order to carry out His will. That is what my program is about. With this Step I have surrendered my role as principal and joined the chorus of the Fellowship."

Voices of Recovery p. 183

Step Leader 4th Quarter


Are you ready for this miracle? Don't hold back because you are fearful. Just relax and let life happen. The change in attitude will let the light of God fill you with joy and serenity. The program works when you work it.

Are you still looking for the difference between humiliation and humility? If so, where do you think you will find it?

Have you held back letting go and letting God because of fear? If fear is still your partner why not act as if you exchanged your fear for courage?

If you have trouble saying the step 7 prayer feel free to use your own words and speak directly to God sharing your fears.

The important thing this week is to make contact with God using your own words if necessary.

Step Leader 4th Quarter

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