Step Six

Were entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character.


Now I am ready to be turned into the perfect person I have been working toward all my life. All I have to do is tell God to do what needs to be done and I will no longer be the dishonest, grouchy sneaky eater I have been all my life. I will tell God what to do. Something is not right here. Me, telling God what to do. How to make me into a better person. Duh!!

Step 6 is not that easy. How in the world can I tell God what I should be when I don't know what I should be. Step 6 says I need to be willing to let God remove all my defects. The secret to step 6 is to remember God does all the work. God will remove the defects on His schedule. Not mine. I have to be willing to have these defects removed. God will do the hard work. I have to be willing to give up the load I have been carrying all my life.

The dictionary lists many other words beside willingly that fit so beautifully. I will list a few of them. Happily, contentedly, gladly, cheerfully, amenably, agreeably, freely, of one's own accord or free will, on one's own, ungrudgingly, by choice, voluntarily, unhesitatingly, nothing loath, eagerly, enthusiastically, zealously, avidly and the drop of the had. Any one of these words can be inserted for willing. Use the one that suits you. Enthusiastically have God remove all your defects of character; avidly have God remove all your defects of character; ungrudgingly have God remove all your defects of character.

I have to be as cheerful in letting God remove my defects as I drove unhesitatingly too many miles and spent too much money on too many food binges in my past life.

Step 6 for me was the miracle step. It was after I had taken step 6 that abstinence became a way of life for me. I no longer did the 3 days on and 4 days off cycle of eating and binging. My white knuckles relaxed. A food plan became clear and was followed all the time. Not just for a few days here and there.

Ever since I took step 6 and became willing to let God remove all my defects of character life has taken a turn for the better and my abstinence grows stronger each day.

All this happened because I was willing.

"When you have faults, do not fear to abandon them. Confucius

Step Leader 4th Quarter


When this step is completed we will be half way finished working the steps. We are still alive and kicking. I hope you are having a good time working these steps with the group. You have worked hard, thought deeply and cried openly about your past life. Now we are about to do something about all the hurt and humiliation that plagued us. The rest of the steps are the way out of our dark miserable life into the bright sunshine of a life lived without eating compulsively.

The questions this week will take a little more thought. The answers do not have to be long just honest.

What was your first thought as you read this step? Did you want to tell HP how to fix your life? Or fix the lives of those around you?

Will you be willing and unhesitating when it comes to letting go of your deep dark defects of character? Or will you want to keep a few of them just in case?

For those of you who have been letting God remove your defects of character, will you share with us how you did it and how you feel about it.

Thank you for coming along on this journey with us. Remember this week to just be willing to have God remove your defects of character.

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