Step Eleven

Sought through prayer and meditation
to improve our conscious contact with God
as we understood Him, praying only for
knowledge of His will for us
and the power to carry that out.


If you have an AA or OA 12 & 12, read Step Eleven. Discuss and reflect on how working Step Eleven is the only way to conquer fear. Discuss and reflect on how you can channel the power of your Higher Power to lift you out of bondage and help others. Discuss and reflect on the idea that " amount of willpower could stop this bingeing... "


God is whom I trust my entire life to and all of it's outcomes. God is the one in charge, not me or others. When something is bothering me and I had enough, I pray about it and ask God to get me through it. I even pray for the other person(s) and I ask God to look over them also. I freely share my program with others and I always ask God for the words to say that may help the other person. I do not have any willpower whatsoever when it comes to food. When I get something in my system that is a problem ingredient, my body wants more and more. I cannot abstain on my own devices. Only God can restore me to sanity from food and all other areas of my life. As I continue to heal from the painful experiences from my past, my food becomes easier to deal with. In other words, abstinence is more automatic. By the (and only by the) grace of God, I am a couple weeks away from 3 years of abstinence from sugar and flour.

My slogan for step #11 is: GOD IS IN CHARGE AND HE IS TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!


Using this link, read pages 85-88 starting from the bottom of 85 to the end of chapter 6 in the AA Big Book.

Discuss and reflect on how this Big Book segment is an instruction in learning how to let go.

What ore you doing today to maintain a conscious contact with god? What are you not doing that you could be doing to maintain a conscious contact with god?


This segment talks about reviewing the day with God before retiring and to review the upcoming 24 hours with God upon waking up in the morning. Also, this segment talks about returning to a house of worship and reading denominational material. Lastly, this segment focuses on saying "thy will be done."

I am praying most every day. Also, I make time available on most days to read denominational literature. The area for improvement for me is to pray every day and every night.

Today, I know God will always be with me no matter what. When I turn my life over to Him, it is a lot less stressful. I must always ask God for the words to say and ask for the willingness to carry out His will for me.


Discuss and reflect on how taking time daily to set myself apart with God improves my conscious contact with Him and changes my life. How has prayer and meditation helped you to be free of self-will run riot? Step Eleven is for mental efficiency, for spiritual strength and for physical endurance. What does this mean to you?

Discuss and reflect on how to "See to it that your relationship with Him is right" and the importance of it for you today. How do you apply the principle that your recovery depends upon God? Discuss the importance of spending daily quiet time alone with your higher power. How do you do this in your life on a daily basis? Discuss and reflect on the idea that we shall locate our trouble in our misunderstanding or neglect of Step Eleven, prayer, meditation and the guidance of God.

How do you respond when you make an error in acting on what you thought was Godís will for you? In what ways does God speak to you?


I make an attempt to read literature every day. Much of my readings been in denominational literature that has brought me much closer to God in my daily walk. I see evidence almost every day that God is really in charge if I let Him. My prayer and meditation has given me the serenity to keep my head screwed on straight. Also, God responds back to me in a very loving and positive manner without compare. My spiritual strength comes from the realization that God really does care about me and He does not segregate people into underclasses.

I ask God daily for the words to say and the strength to say what needs to be said. In my professional life, I am involved with matters that are quite controversial. I turn the situations over and ask God for direction and guidance. I also pray for the people on the other side of the table.

I shared this testimony with one of my employees right after a meeting that had the potential of becoming a real nasty meeting. She shared with me that she did the same thing that morning. We both reflected that the meeting went very well and it was very professional, in spite of differences in opinions involving large sums of money.

When I find out that I was going down the wrong path, I first stop and second I change my course to the proper direction. I am never perfect, but I always make every effort to live the kind of life God wants me to live. God peaks to me through other people, church services, church meetings/gatherings, reading of literature that is nourishing to my mind, and listening to spiritual music.

It was suggested to me that before each 12 step meeting as well as before church services, I say the following short prayer "God, what do you want me to learn today?"

Love In Recovery,

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