Step Seven

Humbly asked Him to remove our shortcomings.


Dear Fellow Travelers:

Step 7 reads:

Humbly asked Him to remove our shortcomings.

My name is Donna and I am a compulsive eater.

To me, this step is the true turing point in recovery. Either we let God make the changes that are necessary in us; in order for us to recover one day at a time, or we remain our old, flawed selves and founder in the bondage of addiction. Will we reach out, in faith, and "let God be God" in our lives? Or will we run in fear, seeking the "devil we know"; the familiarity of life as it is.

This step begins with humility. This does not mean looking at our character defects and saying "oh wow. I am really messed up. What a wretched person I am. No wonder I am an addict". To me, the humility that is needed, to work step 7 is more of a recognition. We look at ourselves, (fully known and discovered and accepted, in the past 6 steps) and we then look at God. Our faith and increasing knowledge of HP has shown us hopeful glimpses of an ideal which we may aspire to. Looking at this idea may prove daunting. We think "I can't be that person!" Maybe not. But you can strive toward that ideal, with God's help and guidance, to the best of your ability, for this 24 hours. And that is what I believe step 7 calls us to do.

Everyone has character defects. We will have them as long as we are alive. This is the nature of humanity. So why does step 7 ask us to request the removal of "all our shortcomings?" I believe it is because it is not up to US; to decide which defects should be removed first, or most quickly. It is not even up to us how they will be removed. It is up to us to present ourselves - just as we are- to our God and to ask Him to make the changes in us that are most necessary for THIS 24 hours. Trust and faith will begin our foray into Step 7; listening to and following God's directions will be the way it is lived out.

Step forward in faith today. Look toward the hope of the ideal that God is helping you work toward. You do not have to be perfect, for today. You just have to be you... a Program person, recovering one day at a time

Donna, food addict


1. What is my concept of humility?

2. Why do I want God to remove my shortcomings?

3. How will I ask God to take my shortcomings from me?

4. To what length am I willing to go to have my shortcomings removed from me?

5. How will my work on step 7 affect my relationship with my Higher Power?

Donna, food addict

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