Step Three

Made a decision to turn our will and our lives
over to the care of God as we understood Him.


Hello fellow travelers.

My name is Donna and I am a food addict.

In Step One, we discovered and accepted who we are, and took a look at how our addiction has affected our lives. In Step Two, we looked beyond ourselves; to choose, by faith, to believe that there is a Higher Power which can and will help us to live our lives in recovery, one day at a time.

In Step Three, we put that faith into action. What are your feelings as you do this? I know that mine are mixed. I have a strong faith in God, and I want very much to live in a way that will maximize my connection to Him. But I have been here before... I have asked for help with my compulsive overeating, many times. And yet I still stand here, just as powerless over my addiction... and in just as dire need as I have ever been for His help, guidance and care.

What will be different this time? Why should I belive that God can or will work in my life and/or remove the ravages of my addiction?

I cannot answer that question for you. For me, the answer lies in an honest look at my own life, and the knowledge that when I TRULY let God be "God" in my life, the affects of my addiction were minimized, and the serenity and joy in my life were maximized. If I look with objectivity at my life, I can see the instances in which God did care for me. I can see that the extent to which I allowed God to take control of my life is ALWAYS proportionate to the extent to which I can live in daily serenity. It is when I try to run my own life, out of my own resources (however well-intended or planned) that I become frustrated in my efforts to reduce the effects of my addictions.

I often compare the God-connection to listening to a car radio. To listen to my station, I must turn the dial to a precise coordinate. If I turn the dial even a millimeter to the right or left, I can no longer hear my station clearly. If I drive my car out of the broadcast area, the station fades and eventually disappears. It is so with my God-connection. To maximize its reception, I have to be in a specific "position" in my life. In Program, we learn that the best "position" to receive Recovery means using the tools and working the steps. Since this is a spiritual Program, and step 11 encourages us to use "daily prayer and meditation" I believe that our God-connection is best honed by daily prayer and reading of religious materials, but each person knows best how they can and should maintain their own God-connection. We have to be vigilent, if we want to maintain our God-connection. If we consciously take our spirits "out of God's range", by neglecting the use of our tools or God-connecting activities, it is like driving the car out of the radio area. We lose our connection, and are at the will of our addictions once again.

Think back to the vision that you composed, during step 2. What was your life like? Think back to the way that you visualized HP, in that step work. And now, gather all of your faith and tune your heart to embrace your concept of your HP and ask Him to direct your life for this 24 hours, so that day by day you move toward the realization of that life that you visualize. Keep your eyes on Him and move only forward.

And, for this 24 hours.... DON' T TOUCH THAT DIAL!!!!

Blessings in the Program
Donna-food addict


Here are some questions for Step Three

1. In what ways am I willing to adopt a whole new attitude, about weight control, body image and eating?

2. How do I feel, about turning my life over to my Higher Power for guidance?

3. Am I ready to give up self-will regarding food?

4. Am I ready to earnestly seek God's Will for me, and willing to act accordingly?

5. What will it take, for me to really work step three? If anything is holding me back, what will it take, to remove it?

Blessings in the Program
Donna-food addict

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