Step One

We admitted we were powerless over
our compulsive behavior with food ~
that our lives had become unmanageable.



Dear Friends,

Welcome to the WTS fourth quarter online steps workshop. I'm Dreena and I'm recovering from Compulsive Overeating. I will also be leading the Step Study workshop for the next three months. I am grateful for the opportunity to do this service because by working the steps and living the spiritual principles they teach, I have changed my inner life and thus changed my outer life. Truly a blessing.

Here is a little about me and my journey in recovery. I first came to OA 15 years ago. I slipped in my program by drinking alcohol and quickly went into relapse. At that time I realized that I also needed AA. Although I have never slipped in AA or in NA (nicotine anonymous) I have had a difficult time with achieving long term abstinence in OA.

Last year I found "The Recovery Group" and I decided to do things differently. The first thing I did was get a sponsor.. and what was different about this was that I decided that I would stay with this sponsor no matter what. I have had a history of changing sponsors when a sponsor annoyed me by saying something I didn't want to hear or worse....goodness forbid....hurt my feelings....:o) So I made that my first all important commitment.

Then I worked the steps. I had worked the steps before but this time I decided to do it thoroughly from start to finish with out taking a break (maybe a few years) in between. Another commitment.

This year I finally understood that in essence my dis-ease was a "spiritual malady." I came to understand with my heart as well as my head that the disease is three-fold ....physical/ mental/spritual and that recovery from my dis-ease was contingent upon the growth of my conscious contact with a power greater than my self.

This year I have experienced emotional growth that I had only dreamed of, that is, a peace of mind not contingent upon any person, place or thing. My physical recovery continues even as we speak. Spiritually, I can only describe it as a change in perception that has been so "simply" profound that it has given me a new way of seeing and being in the world.

I am not perfect by any stretch of the imagination but I can honestly say this: "I am most certainly progressing." And it is all due to my commitment to Working the Steps. These steps are without a doubt the How To of a modern spiritual path toward a life that is full to the brim with happiness, joyfulness and freedom.

I am very very pleased to be sharing this journey with you for the next three months.


At the end of each Step Essay there will be questions for you to answer. You are most welcome and encouraged to share your answers with the whole group. If there is something that is too private that you want to say, you can share this part with your sponsor.

Following this post, I will be sending out a list of folks who are available as WTS Step Sponsors and will be there to help you work through the steps.

Please do not try to work the steps without a sponsor. As we go through the steps, feelings will probably surface and you will need someone to talk to about them so that you do not stop the process by getting caught in "stuck emotions" that can easily be worked through with the help of those of us who have been there before you.

This list is ONLY for the leader to send the Step work and for participants to share their answers. If you read someone's share and want to answer their post, please cut and paste their address and delete the WTS address in your reply so that your post goes to the person privately and not to the whole group.

If you have any questions you want to ask me about anything regarding the essay and questions please contact me privately by cutting and pasting my email address as you are doing for all other private postings. I am always available to help you in any way I can.

If you have any questions regarding the list or tech problems, you can contact the WTS Coordinator, Lori at: or you can contact me:

Following is a schedule of dates that I will be sending each of the Step Essay and Questions to you. Mark your calendars.

10/1 - Step One
10/6 - Step Two
10/11 - Step Three
10/16 - Step 4 (part 1)
10/20 - Step 4 (part 2)
10/24 - Step 4 (part 3)
10/28 - Step 4 (part 4)
11/1 - Step 4 (part 5)
11/6 - Step 5
11/13 - Step 6
11/18 - Step 7
11/27 - Step 8
12/4 - Step 9
12/11 - Step 10
12/18 - Step 11
12/25 - Step 12

Much love and plenty of hugs,


Step One

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