Step Eight

Made a list of all persons we had harmed,
and became willing to make amends to them all.


Dear God,

Do You remember the first time my feeble mind set his transgressions to paper? There was no 4th step inventory to lend assistance, oh no! I listened to the people who advised it be burnt. If I knew then what I know now it would have been so apparent that those folks never got past the 5th step, if that far. If memory serves me correctly, all who have been on this journey were forewarned to save the written 4th step as it should be used as a solid base for step eight. Just like the third little piggy who built his house from stone and cement this step will be so easy.

As I think back, my biggest hurdle here is my looking ahead to the next step and fearing making amends. However my erstwhile sponsor had the answer, as he not too gently told me if I procrastinated long enough, I'd surely beat the disease by dying. A real wise guy! I was at the time slaving away at a state institution where one of my duties was burying the dead and maintaining the cemetery. We sat in my pickup truck, situated in a very cool stand of pine trees,,a very cool and peaceful spot on a hot day in August. As I handed my notes to him he smiled and said, "Thanks." "Why," was my response. He had made a bet with his sponsor that my 8th step would be another War and Peace. As he handed it back to me and said, "Go redo this novel and leave out the bragging." Humility had not as of yet caught up with me. The rewritten list was handed to him and I sat as he crossed off many items he said I could not and should not approach, as surely I would be arrested and locked up.

The lesson here for me started in step seven, which I often refer to as my banana step. I need not be the top banana nor the rotten banana, just one of the bunch, lest my soul is lost to terminal uniqueness. All I needed to do was make an honest list, a list compiled with humility which is nothing but the truth. We are heading down the home stretch, and I'm looking forward to learning how my fellows are faring. These waters are full of sharks and I do not wish to be their only entree. Ask questions so that I may learn. Share this step with the guy behind you. Remember if you want what so many of us have, then be willing to make the wrongs be right. I tell you it is a glorious place to be. AND WHY NOT.......Danny

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