Step Seven

Humbly asked Him to remove our shortcomings.


Dear God,

Now it seems like another lifetime has come and gone since my first brush with this step. For so many years one of my favorite questions to newcomers was to ask them how many times is the word humility mentioned in one form or another in the OA 12&12. How many of you know and how many will finally go out and get a copy of this indispensable tool? Remember at week one I said it would be helpful to have the book? :-) Well the fellow I'm sponsoring has finished his seventh step and put me in my place because I've been missing one spot where humility is mentioned. That one time was in the step itself; talk about being humbled! Being wrong did not make me humble but admitting so with a smile did the trick.

I've been humiliated many times, mostly by well-meaning people, or some who were just sick. For many more years than I care to count I searched for the meaning of humility and some humility for me. I asked God to help me one morning, as we were about to discuss step seven at our weekly step meeting. Before the day was out, a reporter, while interviewing Mother Theresa, asked the very question for which I searched. Without hesitation this living saint responded that true humility was and is the truth. The light bulb over my head was very bright indeed. Humility is Truth. By the way it is mentioned exactly ---------- times in the 12&12. :-)

I am a man of few talents and reaching my hand out to others along with a sense of humor, I consider one of the best. Only after I understood the word could I then know my character defects will be with me forever unless I become willing to allow God to remove them. I am unable to remove even the slightest defect; only God may change my heart. Each time I determined to stick to a diet, I did not, as being fat from overeating is a defect and Danny is not God. What a relief that is for me! Being humble enough to stand in front of hundreds of people and state I am a compulsive overeater and my problem is Danny's shitty attitudes.

One of my biggest problems was threefold: 1. I enjoyed some of my defects. 2. What would or who would I blame for being me? 3. What would I fill up the empty space with? God showed me real fast and hard. As my most glaring defects were removed, a dozen or so took their place, and I was introduced to program service. As long as the time permits and I am able, I will travel anywhere to tell my story and I sponsor many people. Yes, many are turned away because I have limits and need time for my family. When asked, I listen for that small voice and it has never failed me. To do service is an honor and privilege for me and I thank the God of my understanding for the life I lead and the ability to go when and where I please. Thy will not mine be done.

Temptation is with me each day, and my shield is the prayer and meditation I do each morning and evening. The gifts laid at my feet are many and so good. Blaming parents, teachers, other people, places, things and situations for my defects just will not work for me. I am what I am and responsible only for asking my God to remove from me all which displeases Him and or brings me harm. When I say the seventh step prayer and ask God for guidance, along with the power to do His will, I AM FREE, FREE, FREE. It does not get better than this, at least not for me in this life.

There is so much more in my heart to tell my fellows, however there is a limit even for old storytellers.

Not being able to either remove and or have defects stay removed demands constant contact with that good old H.P. While this thing of ours is so simple, it is hard, and faith is its foundation. Like the three little pigs, how would you my fellows build your house? Straw, sticks or concrete? Remember the decision you made in step three? Hello, are you still with me? I truly and humbly thank God for everyone who started that is still here to reap the rewards yet to come. Turn around and grab the person behind you; sponsor some new or retread person. Open your hearts and minds, and mostly allow your collective voices to sing out to praise this special gift. The life you save today might be mine.

Thanks for spending this time with me. Hopefully this has helped another of God's special people. AND WHY NOT.......Danny

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