Step Six

Were entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character.

Dear Fellow Travelers,

Step Six Essay

Dear God,

I do hope as many as started this journey are still with us, and there have been no casualty reports. This then is the question of the day to my fellows. Are you ready to be willing to let go?

In the AA BB it says we have to be entirely ready to have God remove these defects we uncovered in step four. At first glance this is a no brainer; of course I'm ready. Really? Being ready is so very simple. However, if the reader has any of my sideways thinking patterns, this step is going to prove the most difficult. In all too many cases, compulsive overeaters truly want the devastating results of their disease removed. The defects that brought the disease which bowed our heads in utter defeat - we are comfortable with them. Have not these defects brought us some form of relief? A twelve step program is something we may absorb only as we become ready to receive it.

In the preceding steps we readied our minds and hearts to look at the man in the glass and ask him, are you ready to have God, as you understand God, remove all your defects? ALL? If not, we go back to doing things our way, until life becomes so intolerable we fall to our knees in utter defeat, and know it is time for us, and we are ready.

Where are you on this road of happy destiny? Sometimes we do need to back up and take another look at how we managed to do the earlier steps, as these steps are not to be done and forgotten. I have been studying these steps for twenty-six years and someday I'm going to find the step elf who rewrites the book while I sleep! We do these steps many times, as we hold out our hand to the new person and smile at all the questions we asked only yesterday.

This might be as good a time as any to ask for forgiveness for my shortness with those who are still thinking a new diet will save them. That is as close as we get to offering an apology. Now let us understand that HP will be removing some liabilities and replace them with assets. Our old ways of reacting to life will slip away and long before we know it, others will remark about our new way of handling life. I know my mind goes into a dive whenever that stinking thinking comes around, and that small voice that used to whisper, now screams because my hearing is selective. Always the message is the same, go ahead, do something willful and against God's will, and add up the pounds to be gained. Yes, it does get that simple, but my defects, at least some of them, are so much fun.

How many times have I uttered, "make me pure dear God, but not now, maybe later." Some of my defects, such as lying, stealing and cheating, are so ingrained and have protected my grandiose ego. It is only when we are convinced that the pain is no longer worth its reward, that we can move on to help God remove our old ways. This step is for us to be ready to learn new ways of dealing with life, which, if we do, will extend the years we live and make us a better person. Many who doubted our desire to change, will question us on our new found joy, happiness and freedom. Do not be found wanting when approached, nor do we try to sell anyone. Just be the person God intended you to be.

There is so much more to this but I tire quickly these days and you have all the tools at hand to learn more. Do so, and hold out your hand to the next traveler. Reach out and sponsor the guy behind you, as what you are given, while priceless, will disappear as a puff of smoke, if you do not give it away.

Surely this piece has raised as many questions as answers so please remark on this and ask, ask, ask. Someone might have an answer I need to keep me alive one more day. AND WHY NOT.......G.A.S......Danny


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