Step Six

Were entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character.


Hi, my name is Thumper and I'm a compulsive overeater. I had made the long drive to St. Louis to do my 5th step and had just spent about 4 hours with my sponsor spilling my guts and exposing all of these horribly shameful defects of character and there is one thing that this process brought to me immediately - and that was that I was entirely ready, even painfully so, to have all these character defects removed! My steps 6 and 7 happened so closely together that I've never tried to separate them as being different events until now.

I did this step alone. Following my sponsor's guidance, I walked down to the Mississippi River with my 4th step under my arm and spent that quiet hour as suggested in the Big Book . I then took out my list of character defects and thought long and hard about each one. I tried to imagine what life would be like without those defects. I was as honest about it as I could be. I looked at both the positive and negative impacts that giving them up would have. I tried to understand why I had them in the first place. When I had difficulty imagining living without them, I looked at alternatives. And finally, I thought long and hard on the devastation these defects had caused me and looked ahead to see how much more damage these defects would continue to cause in my life.

I was raw enough that I really was entirely read to have my HP remove these defects of character. I wanted no more part in them. I kept in mind what my sponsor had told me about my being no more powerful over my defects than I was over the compulsion to overeat itself, that my responsibility rested in the willingness for change. She taught me that as long as I was willing to change, then eventually what I WANTED would change, and that when that happened, change itself no longer takes any effort.

Tell me about your sixth step. Were there character defects you resisted being ready to give up? How did you actually work the step?


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