Step Five

Admitted to God, to ourselves and to another human being
the exact nature of our wrongs.

Dear Fellow Travelers,

Step Five Essay

Dear God,

Step five is not one of those things that was difficult for me to do - except for the fear of allowing another human being to know the real me. This step, then, is a turning point in recovery. I remember reading somewhere: "The truth will set you free." The AA BB tells us on page 63 or 73 that if we are to live happily in this world we need to be honest with at least one of our fellow human beings. For those who have been separated from any form of higher power, this step, handing our 4th step to another, has the ability to be a deep healing and a sense of well-being. Look at how far you have already traveled on the road of happy destiny. This is but one more step to live.

Until we actually sit down with another person and hand over our lives, there is no house cleaning. The willingness to open up all our hidden garbage is another key in the door to recovery, and until done, we are just paying lip service to doing the next right thing. What then is the purpose of this 5th step? It is not to hold us up to ridicule nor to make us appear as martyrs! No indeed! It is what opens the door to change, for without revealing who and what we are to God and another person, our recovery is at a halt. It will go no further. There are many among us, reading this right now, who know this to be true. What to do about this is up to you. Hit your knees and ask the God of your understanding for the willingness and courage to move forward.

Let's look at what we get to keep by not doing or going further with our steps. We get to act as if we are doing the next right thing along with the envy towards those who have. We live in constant fear and anxiety that we will be exposed and once again humiliated in some way. Or we can walk in the light of God's grace knowing we are the children of God and the need to hide or cover up our self with food is just, well, it is just gone. One day at a time.

Who we hand our 4th step inventory to, is of course up to each individual, and both the AA and OA 12&12 give some excellent suggestions. As much as I disagree with his politics our late President uttered these very true words,"we have nothing to fear but fear itself."

These words are so true of the 4th and 5th steps. Please do not fast forward to any of the later steps, as you will find no high walls topped with broken glass and razor wire to climb. To my fearless fellows comes the promise that our collective HP will be there for us as for countless millions before us. If you are reading this then the written fourth step inventory is waiting to be shared with the person of your choice. I beg you not to lose courage as you have seen the wisdom of these God-given steps and what they have to offer. Share your fears and suggestions with us but do not post your 4th step on the loop. This is surely something to be done f2f except in certain circumstances, none of which come to mind.

Hey you out there, see how far we have traveled together on this road? Hopefully many who started this adventure in better living realize just how ready you are to sponsor the guy one step behind you. I say this because I know I must share the gift of recovery with those who still suffer or surely lose my precious gift.

AND WHY NOT......Danny


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