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"Were entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character."

The big book uses just five sentences for step six. Must be a fast step
to do. A step we can just run through to step seven. We now know our
defects of character. Well the implication for step six is that we know

If I have  defects of character, and I am in Overeaters Anonymous, it
should mean that those defects of characters got me to Overeaters
Anonymous.  Now if I am relieved of those character defects, does it
follow that I no longer need Overeaters Anonymous. Well I don't have to
answer that question because Step six only ask us to be entirely ready.  I
also know that I need OA --  need I say more?

Well, as we did our fifth step we went over our wrongs.  So we know our
wrongs.  Somehow defects of character must be related to our wrongs.  I
don't have to worry about the other guy's defects, just mine.

So it appears that this step must be about HONESTY.  And this step is
about willingness.  Two big problems for me, honesty and willingness.

What is a character defect?

List your character defects.

How has the disease used these character defects in your life?

Are these character defects still active in your life today?

How are they active?

Why are they active?

How does these character defects interfere with your life today?

When these character defects are gone,  what do you think will happen?

When these character defects are gone, what do you think will be in its

Which of your character defects would be the most difficult to give up?

Which of your character defects would be the easiest to give up?

Which character defects gives you the most pain?

Which character defects gives others the most pain?

When will you be ready?

Have you noticed any changes in your life from working steps 1-6?



                                  STEP SIX

                                FINISHING UP


Sure has been quiet on the frontier.  I had to check whether I was still
subscribed to WTS!  I'm sure it's because EVERYONE is becoming *entirely
ready* to have God remove their character defects.   Wahoo!  (We're all
gonna become *PERFECT* by the end of July:)

In the meantime,

1) if anyone has been struggling with any specific CDs, and is confused, or

2) found a *new one* and doesn't know if it really IS a CD, or

3) given up because there are SO MANY...or

4) wondering what the fuss is because there are no CDs in their life...

why not share your feelings and thoughts on WTS?  I'm sure you'll find company:)


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