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There are currently 56 scheduled meetings every three hours beginning at midnight eastern time. These meetings are run as much like OA face-to-face meetings as possible. Meeting announcements and topics are sent to the loops weekly.

We have tried to make the format very clear by putting it into three forms for your convenience: A short version, a long version and a very detailed version. If you have questions about anything on the format page, please contact


1. A brief Welcome, Introduction of Topic, sharing instructions and meditation
2. General Sharing
3. A brief Farewell and meditation


1. A brief welcome, introduction of topic, instructions for sharing and Serenity Prayer.

An example: "Welcome to the Recovery Group Meeting Room. Our topic today is Forgiveness. We hope each of you will share by raising your hand by typing a *. When you finish, type "done." Would those who wish to please join in The Serenity Prayer?

God, grant us the SERENITY to accept the things we cannot change.
The COURAGE to change the things we can.
And the WISDOM to know the difference.

Who would like to share first?"

2. As each member shares and finishes, the meeting leaders says ... "On behalf of our members here thank you. Who would like to share next?"

3. At conclusion of meeting, the leader says: "If there are no more shares, this concludes our meeting. Could we join hands and close with a moment of silent prayer."

(Leader types out the first sentence of Rozanne's prayer. Members pray silently and hold one another's hand.)


* Each Recovery Meeting Leader should familiarize him/herself with the nine specific duties as outlined below.

* The meeting protocol shall be in three parts: 1. The Welcome, The Topic Introduction, The Farewell.

* The Welcome, The Topic Introduction and The Farewell should each be brief but specific, warm but not lengthy and inspirational but not mechanical. The bulk of the meeting is to be shares by members with the focus on them rather than the Meeting Leader. If there is a lull in the meeting, an opportunity exists for the Meeting Leader to type a personal share.

* A template for the Welcome:

Welcome to the Recovery Group Meeting Room.

* A template for the Introduction of the topic

Our topic today is Forgiveness.

* A template for the sharing instructions

We hope each of you will share by raising your hand by typing a *. When you finish, type "done." Who would like to share first?

* A template for the Farewell

If there are no more shares, this concludes the 9:30 Thursday meeting. Would you join me for a moment of silent prayer? Leader types ... "I put my hand in yours, and together we can do what we could never do alone."

Thank you for coming. Please feel free to remain and talk after the meeting.

End of templates

* Meeting leaders are not required to use scripts and this should only be done if a leader has technical expertise at this. There will be no official training of Meeting Leaders nor instructions for scripting. Pop-ups should not be used nor instant messages unless an emergency or a private "whisper" is sent to the leader asking a question.

* Meeting leaders should focus on the recovery rather than the technical aspects of the meeting by 1. Providing an inspirational and serene meeting for compulsive eaters who wish to follow a 12-step program. 2. Doing outreach in every way possible to make the meeting a source of strength for as many as possible. 3. Performing 12-Step-Within duties by keeping a roster of regular members and contacting them when they miss several meetings in a row. 4. Announcing the topic several days in advance to regular meetings of that meeting. By diligently following the specific duties below:

When you commit to leading a meeting, you become the Secretary of that meeting. There are specific duties that a meeting leader has including:

Arriving at your meeting 5 or 10 minutes early;

Greeting people as they arrive at your meeting;

Setting a topic for the meeting;

Beginning and ending the meeting on time;

Facilitating the meeting within the meeting guidelines;

Staying a few minutes after the meeting and answering any questions that newcomers may have;

Providing a meeting report on the numbers attending and topic of your meeting; Ensuring that you have a substitute meeting leader if for some reason you are unable to lead the meeting;

Consider appointing a Greeter and 12th Step Within Trusted Servant for your individual Meeting.

Consider developing a list of e-mail addresses of regular members and sending a mini-topic-newsletter a couple of days before your weekly meeting to them.

* Please discourage members from being in the room without physically being present.

* Please encourage members to chat for as long as they want to in the #Recovery Talk room and not in the #Recovery meeting room.

* Please bookmark the following and refer to it often:

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