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Recovery Meetings Committee Job Description


Recovery Meeting Committee's Job Description

The Recovery Meeting's Committee is responsible for all aspects of the Recovery Meetings. Our meetings are held in #Recovery on the Starchat Channel of IRC and our mission is to provide a serene setting where compulsive eaters can come together to share their 12-Step program with one another. Our meetings are similar to OA meetings or any 12-Step Meeting. There is no cross-talk, no advice giving of any kind, and each member is welcome to share without interruption. We encourage members to share the personal experience, strength and hope from their own recovery process.


The Recovery Meetings Committee is responsible for seeing that all meetings have responsible leaders. When a Meeting Leader resigns, the RMC works with the representative of that meeting time to replace the leader who is leaving.

We feel our leaders serve best when they have been participating in our meetings and because of this, no official training is necessary. The RMC will ask each new meeting leader to review carefully our pages on the web relating to their job and ask any questions they may have.

Each Recovery Meeting Leader sends a monthly report concerning the activity during the month including the approximate number of members attending and if there were any significant events.


The Recovery Meetings Committee is responsible for compiling a complete schedule of meetings and sending that schedule out once each week to all members of the Recovery Group using the Master Mailing List. TRGAdm will instruct the RMC how to use this list and the password should remain private. If the RMC chooses, they may delegate this responsibility to a specific Trusted Servant for the Meeting Schedule.


Once each month the RMC will compile meeting reports from each meeting leader in the official format. If the RMC chooses, they may delegate this responsibility to a specific Trusted Servant for the Meeting Reports. The report from each meeting leader should include the number of meetings scheduled, number of meetings lead, and have a section where the Meeting Leader is able to make comments if desired. It is important that the RMC review these reports and take note of anything that might need attention. The reports are compiled, presented to the Meeting TS loop and the Administrative loop, and then filed in the archives for both groups.


On an ADM memo, the RMC keeps the Meeting Leaders abreast of matters relating to them and is a Moderator of the Meeting Trusted Servant's list. The RMC also keeps a current list of all meeting leaders, and communicates any changes to the TRG Administrators.


The RMC assigns OPs to all Meeting Leaders and makes sure that each leader knows how and when to use these OPs. And when not to.


The RMC is responsible to assign a permanent ban to persons who have displayed repeated interruptions to the meeting room. These are assigned only with verification of the offense, and are to be reported to TRGAdm. There should be a record kept of all those banned and/or kicked from #Recovery. It is our hope there will be very few, if any, of these.


It is important that the #Recovery meeting room is accessible and working at all times. The RMC is responsible for keeping all TRG meeting rooms current and registered. Sometimes it will be necessary to talk with Starchat officials about this and to understand technically what must be done in order to keep our rooms viable.


The Recovery Group meetings are 12-Step meetings and structured but not rigid. Informal chat should not occur during a meeting and the meeting leader should arrive a few minutes before their meeting. We ask that newer Meeting Leaders observe some experienced leaders as they begin their service.


The RMC handles problems and questions as they arise. TRGAdm should be copied on all correspondence relating to any problem connected with the Meetings. The address is


The RMC should review all pages relating to the meetings on the website, make sure they are up-to-date and make comments and suggestions as to how they can best serve our meetings and those who attend them. The Website URL is:



The Recovery Intergroup is a business discussion list for the Trusted Servants of the Recovery Group. A member of the Meeting Committee should be represented on the Intergroup and be involved in the group consciences and business discussions of the Recovery Group.

To join the Recovery-Intergroup, please send a blank email to:

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