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Meeting Representative Trusted Servant


Meeting Representative TS Job Description

Each specific time grouping of weekly meetings has a Meeting Representative Trusted Servant.
For example:

7:00AM Meeting Representative TS
10:30AM Meeting Representative TS
2:30PM Meeting Representative TS, etc.

The Meeting Representative works with the Meeting Leaders in their time grouping to insure that all meetings are conducted as scheduled and according to meeting protocol. The Meeting Representative also represents the leaders in the TRG Intergroup.

Specific Job Responsibilities include:

A. Support for the meeting leaders as needed: This includes being available to receive questions and concerns from leaders and checking in on the meetings periodically.

B. Maintenance of active trained meeting leaders: All meetings in the specific time grouping should have regularly scheduled leaders. When a new leader is needed, the Representative informs the New Meeting Coordinator.

C. Meetings are conducted within meeting protocol and guidelines: This includes supporting meeting leaders in learning and adhering to the protocol and guidelines and sharing reminders as needed.

D. All meetings are led by trained meeting leaders: The Representative insures that meeting leaders know how to post to the TS loop to seek a substitute if they have been unable to secure one privately.

E. Reporting Disruptions: Any reports of meeting disruptions are to be made to the General Meeting Coordinator as soon as possible.

F. Submit Monthly Report: At the end of each month, the following report is submitted to the Meeting TS loop. (The information between the << >> is sample information)

Meeting Division Report: << 7am meetings >>
Month: << December, 2000>>
Leaders: << We have a new leader this month, Sally : Thursdays effective 12/06 >>
Subs: << All subs were recruited easily - all meetings covered >>
Net: << No problems noted or reported >>
Kicks/bans: << One ban reported to Coordinator >>
Other: << Meeting attendance has been increasing quite a bit! We have had some great topics if anyone is interested in borrowing them just let me know! >>


The Recovery-Intergroup Loop and Trusted Servant Loop

The Recovery-Intergroup and Trusted Servants Loop are business discussion loops of the Recovery Group. As Loop Coordinator, part of the Trusted Servant position is to be involved in the group consciences and business discussions of the Recovery Group.

To join these loops, please send a blank email to and

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