Trusted Servant Job Descriptions


Loop Coordinator or CoCoordinator Job Description

The Loop Coordinators are very much like a parent, a mother hen, a party host or a teacher. Coordinators are the Trusted Servant who works with all the Trusted Servants of his/her loop and sees that service positions that need filling within a loop are filled. The Coordinators welcome you when you join us and say goodbye when you leave. They are there to answer your questions, to help you adjust to your new recovery home and to work with the administrators to keep the loops humming. They sometimes introduce topics and remind you of things that you need to be reminded of. They share their ESH with you often and are there when you need them. Our Trusted Servants, according to the Traditions of The Recovery Group, rotate their service once each year. And each of them serve on a committee in this community of loops with their base being the Recovery-Intergroup, a list where we do loop business so that the loop itself is free for your experience, strength and hope.

The duties of the Loop Coordinators include:

  1. Welcoming each new member with a short note.
  2. Saying good-bye to each new member with a short note.
  3. Reading the loop shares daily and making sure the loop stays healthy and peaceful.
  4. Writing the loop regularly.
  5. Making sure that there are enough Trusted Servants and that the Trusted Servant is doing his/her job.
  6. Send a monthly report on loop activity to

The following are Trusted Servant jobs within the loop structure:
  • Coordinator or CoCoordinator
    (We like each loop to have two Coordinators)
  • Assistant Coordinator
  • Greeter
  • Twelfth Step Within
  • Webservant

Greeter Job Description

The following is the job description for the Greeter:

The Greeter is the Trusted Servant who has the first contact with a newcomer .. who takes their hand for the very first time ... and this new member many times may be shy or a little frightened. For that reason, the Greeter has the opportunity to really make a difference in a COE's life. The Greeter is sent an announcement eGroups of each new member who joins the loop. Many times because the Greeter is the first person the new member comes in contact with, he/she will be the one the newcomer will ask questions of. The Greeter sends a monthly report with a list of all new members during that month.


Twelfth Step Within Job Description

The following is the job description for the Twelfth Step Within Trusted Servant:

The Twelfth Step Within Trusted Servant sends a farewell letter to all departing members of our loops. In that letter, the Trusted Servant takes the opportunity to find out why the member is leaving so that we can structure our loops to better serve the recovery needs of compulsive eaters. In addition, there is every possibility that, while a COE may unsubscribe, they may still be struggling. In fact, they may be overwhelmed. Carrying the message weeks later to see if there is any way we can be of help would be an act of kindness as well as honoring the Twelfth Step and carrying the message.

The Twelfth Step Within Trusted Servant is sent an announcement by St. John's or eGroups of each member who leaves the loop. The Twelfth Step Within Trusted Servant is the last person a member will be in contact with and will reach out to ensure that the member has a place to continue the recovery journey.

The Twelfth Step Within Trusted Servant sends a monthly report with a list of all members who unsubscribed from the loop during that month.


Guest Book Welcomer Job Description

OA Online and The Recovery Group has about two dozen guest books on our website. The Guest Book Welcomers sends a letter to each person who visits and this Trusted Servant job is similar to that of Greeter in that many of these visitors want to join us but need to ask a few questions first. This T/S position requires the ability to improvise and not use totally form letters.



Sponsor Coordinator Job Description

The Sponsor Coordinator maintains the Directory of Online Sponsors and Temporary Sponsors for those in the Recovery loops. Following is the job description for the Sponsor Coordinator:

  1. Maintain the Directory of Online Sponsors and Temporary Sponsors and post this to all loops on a monthly basis.
  2. Maintain the Sponsor Biography Directory and post this to the Sponsors and Recovery loop on a weekly basis.
  3. Share the Sponsor Directory privately with individual's who request it.
  4. Share the Sponsors Biography Directory privately with individuals who are members of Recovery Group Loops.
  5. Post to all loops requesting new sponsors, and sharing on the topic of Sponsoring and Recovery.
  6. Coordinate the Sponsors and Recovery loop.
  7. Provide monthly report to the Trusted Servant loop.


ICQ and Microsoft's IM Coordinator Job Description

The ICQ and Microsoft's IM Coordinator maintains the two official directories of these programs for those in the Recovery loops. The following is the job description for the ICQ and Microsoft's IM Coordinator:

  1. Send weekly FAQs about the programs to the loops providing information about how to access the programs and how to join the directories.
  2. Provide support to people who are learning how to use the programs.
  3. Maintain the directory keeping it as up to date as possible.
  4. Monitor to make sure no Guidelines are being breached.
  5. Welcome newcomers to the directory and provide them with the current directory of users.
  6. Perform checks to make sure that all those who have registered are still using the service. This is essential to maintain effectiveness.
  7. Provide monthly reports on the current number of members, together with a count of those who have joined and left. Additional comments should also be provided where appropriate.


Technical Support Job Description

The Technical Support Trusted Servant receives all mail from Most of these questions have to do with subscribing and unsubscribing commands to the loop or how to get to an online meeting. There is a Technical Website and the T/S for Tech Support maintains and helps create that page. Tech Support mail is forwarded to an administrative address. Once a month TechSupport announces his position to the loops with the URL address of the Tech webpage and provides a helpful technical hint for the group.


Meetings Coordinator Job Description

The following is the job description for the Meetings Coordinator:

  1. Ensure that each meeting has a dependable leaders.
  2. Send weekly meeting announcement to all loops of the Recovery Group.
  3. Ensure all meeting leaders receive training in IRC and the meeting format.
  4. Coordinate the Meeting TS loop.
  5. Maintain the IRC meetings channels including maintenance of registered channels, channel ops and the AKICKing of abusive loopies.
  6. Provide assistance to loopies to access meetings on IRC.
  7. Work with StarChat to maintain a safe channel for meetings.
  8. Work with AOL Meetings Coordinator.
  9. Review reports from Meeting Leaders and send a monthly report to the Recovery Intergroup on the state of the meetings.
  10. Be available to answer questions about meetings from Meeting Leaders and Substitute Meeting Leaders.
  11. Keep Meetings web pages updated on the Recovery Website.
  12. Work with Special Interest Group Coordinators to establish and maintain Special Interest meetings; ie, Newcomers, Twelve Step, Big Book, AA, etc.
  13. Serve on the Recovery-Intergroup Loop with other Trusted Servants.
  14. Work with OA WSO to be listed on the official OA WSO website.
  15. Spot check meetings as time permits.


Meeting Leader Job Description

There following is the job description of a meeting leader:

  1. Lead one scheduled one hour online meeting each week;
  2. Arriving at your meeting 5 or 10 minutes early;
  3. Greeting people as they arrive at your meeting;
  4. Setting a topic for the meeting;
  5. Commencing the meeting on time;
  6. Running the meeting within the meeting guidelines;
  7. Staying after the meeting and answering any questions that newcomers may have;
  8. Providing a meeting report on the numbers attending and topic of your meeting;
  9. Ensuring that you have a substitute meeting leader if for some reason you are unable to lead the meeting;
  10. Ensuring that your meeting is listed with Overeaters Anonymous World Service Office.


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