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What is IRC?

IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat. IRC is a multi-user, multi-channel chat system that is used for online meetings. It gives people all over the world the ability to attend meetings in real time. Each user has a nickname and can converse with other users either in the #Recovery channel or in private.

To lead meetings and perform all the operator commands, you need to run an IRC program. There are a wide variety of IRC programs available. The best Windows based IRC client is mIRC and you can download it at The most popular Macintosh IRC client is Ircle and you can download it at

When using IRC, there are three basic syntax conventions that you need to remember.


IRC Commands

Following is a quick reference guide for basic IRC commands. A full list of commands can be found at If the command you are after isn't included in the following table, just type /help {command} in IRC. If you are using Webtv, the commands are slightly different. A full list of Webtv commands can be found by typing /msg WebServ HELP.

/join [#]To join a channel /join #Recovery
/leave [#]To leave a channel /leave #Recovery
/part [#] To leave a specified channel /part #Recovery
/quit (message) To quit IRC and send a message to the channel on quitting /quit Bye all!
/whois [nick] To get information on a nick in the channel /whois Jayne
/whowas [nick] To get information on a nick after the nick has left the channel or changed their nick /whowas Jayne
/names [#] To list all the names in the channel /names #Recovery
/msg [nick] [message] To send a private message (whisper) to a nick /msg Jayne Welcome to Recovery. Today's meeting topic is abstinence.
/omsg [#] [message] To send a private message to all ops in the channel /omsg #Recovery Hi ops!
/query [nick] To open a separate window for a private chat /query Jayne
/nick [new nick] To change your current nick /nick Jack
/me [describe action] To type text in action format. /me welcomes you to the meeting. which appears as *Jayne* welcomes you to the meeting.
/ignore [nick/host] To prevent someone from talking to you /ignore Jack
/kick [#] [nick] To kick a user from the channel. Note you need to have channel ops to perform this command /kick #Recovery Jack
/ban [#] [nick/host] To ban a user from the channel. Note, you need to have channel ops to perform this command /ban #Recovery Jack
/invite [nick] [#] To invite a user to a channel. /invite #Christian&Recovery Jack
/log [on/off] To set the logging of current window on or off /log on
/ping [#] To ping the channel and determine if servers are lagging. /ping #Recovery
/play {c:\path\filename.txt} [parameters] To play saved text or a script in the channel. /play c:\mirc\text\intro.txt 3000
/msg NickServ REGISTER [email addy] [password] To register your nick on StarChat. /msg NickServ REGISTER recovery
/msg NickServ ACTIVATE [code] To activate nickname registration on StarChat. /msg NickServ ACTIVATE 4586282
/msg NickServ ID [password] To identify your nick to StarChat. This is needed to activate ops and should be typed in the status window before you enter #Recovery. /msg NickServ ID recovery

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