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The Trusted Servant position of Administrator Apprentice-Intern is an important one because it will groom someone new to TRG Administration to the inner workings of the entire Recovery Group and all its various divisions. The Recovery Group is a diverse community with loops, online meetings, studies and many other programs and services. An Administrator needs to know about all of them.

It will be necessary for an Administrator Apprentice to be a member of the TRGAdm list and to receive assignments from the Administrator and/or Founder as the needs arise. Good organizational skills are needed, a desire to learn along with creativity are necessary and the ability to function and improvise on a daily basis is a plus.

A background as a Trusted Servant is necessary and a love of the Twelve Step program is a must.

The input and ideas of our Administrator Apprentice-Interns are vital to the future of the Recovery Group and the time spent in this office will make a difference in the lives of many.

The Administrator Apprentice Intern send a report once a month of their activity to:



The Trusted Servant Loop

The Trusted Servant Loop is a business discussion list for the Trusted Servants of the Recovery Group. As an Administrator Apprentice you are probably already a member of the Trusted Servant's Loop but also need to join the ODATTrustedServant's business loop and the Recovery-Intergroup.

To join the Trusted Servants Loop, please send a blank email to:

To join the ODAT Trusted Servants, please send a blank email to:

To join the Recovery Intergroup, please send a blank email to:

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