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ICQ and Microsoft's IM Coordinator


ICQ and Microsoft's IM Coordinator Job Description

The ICQ and Microsoft Instant Messenging systems were brought into the Recovery program to provide around the clock contact for our Recovery members. There are some who are unable to attend online meetings due to time differences or other commitments so this contact can be vital to their Recovery. The service can be used by anyone, whether they need support, to share ESH or even just to chat. ICQ is presented as the main messaging system for the Recovery Group. As webtv users can only use Microsoft's IM, the messaging system was brought in as a backup to ensure all loopies have access to an instant messaging system.

The ICQ and Microsoft's IM Coordinator maintains the two official directories of these programs for those in the Recovery loops. The following is the job description for the ICQ and Microsoft's IM Coordinator:

  1. Send weekly FAQs about the programs to the loops providing information about how to access the programs and how to join the directories.
  2. Provide support to people who are learning how to use the programs.
  3. Maintain the directory keeping it as up to date as possible.
  4. Monitor to make sure no Guidelines are being breached.
  5. Welcome newcomers to the directory and provide them with the current directory of users.
  6. Perform checks to make sure that all those who have registered are still using the service. This is essential to maintain effectiveness.
  7. Provide monthly reports on the current number of members, together with a count of those who have joined and left. Additional comments should also be provided where appropriate.


Monthly Report

On the first day of each month, the ICQ and Microsoft's IM Coordinator should send a monthly report to The monthly report should contain the following information:

Number of Members:
Number of subscriptions:
Number of unsubscriptions:


The Trusted Servant Loop

The Trusted Servants Loop is a business discussion loop for the Trusted Servants of the Recovery Group. As ICQ and IM Coordinator, part of the Trusted Servant position is to be involved in the group consciences and business discussions of the Recovery Group.

To join the Trusted Servants Loop, please send a blank email to

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