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Greeter Job Description

The following is the job description for the Greeter:

The Greeter is the Trusted Servant who has the first contact with a newcomer .. who takes their hand for the very first time ... and this new member many times may be shy or a little frightened. For that reason, the Greeter has the opportunity to really make a difference in a COE's life. The Greeter is sent an announcement by the loop of each new member who joins the loop. Many times because the Greeter is the first person the new member comes in contact with, he/she will be the one the newcomer will ask questions of. The Greeter sends a monthly report with a list of all new members during that month.


Notification from Loops

When you are appointed as Greeter for your loop, your Coordinator will need to make you a moderator for your loop. If you are on a Maelstrom loop, such as Journey to Recovery, WTS, HOTJ or the Recovery loop, your Coordinator will arrange for you to receive the notifications.

If you are on a loop with Yahoogroups, you can automatically set Yahoogroups to send you an automatic notice when a new member joins the loop:

  1. Log onto Yahoogroups -
  2. Click on the loop name;
  3. On the left hand side of the page, there is a menu, click on members.
  4. Click on your email address - this will bring up your member/moderator profile.
  5. Under Subscriber Settings, it has a section on notification - tick the "Notify moderator when a member joins/leaves this group."
  6. Down the bottom of the page, click on save changes.


Welcome Letter to the New Member

When a new member joins your loop, you will receive a standard notification email telling you the email address of the new member. Once you receive the notification, the Greeter should email a welcome letter to the new member as soon as possible.

Following is the standard welcome letter for The Recovery Group:

Hello and Welcome to our Recovery Loop! :)

I am the greeter for this loop, and would like to take a moment to share my personal welcome to you today. I hope you have already begun to receive the posts from our members as we share our recovery in this community online. Please share in our loop conversations in whatever way you feel most comfortable. You may introduce yourself to the loop today, or one day soon.

You may choose to share right away, or to read the shares of the other members for a few days before you share your own questions, thoughts and ESH (Experience, Strength and Hope). We are happy that you have joined us, and welcome you to participate in our recovery sharing !

There is a lot going on in The Recovery Group, as we are sharing our recovery journey with fellow travelers from all around the world. Be sure to check out our website when you have a chance.

If you would like to spend some time with these recovery friends in online meetings, please join us in our meeting room.

If you have technical questions and would like some assistance, you can find the answers to many questions at this link: Or, please contact our recovery tech

I am also available to provide support to you as a new member of our loop, and would be glad to answer any questions you may have. Please feel free to contact me.

Once again I would like to say, Welcome!! :)
We are glad you are here!
(name of greeter)
(name of loop)


Monthly Report

On the first day of each month, the Greeter should email the number of new members who have subscribed to the loop during that month to the Coordinator, to enable the Coordinator to complete their montly loop report.

To collect this information, you can either:

Count the number of email notifications you have received during the month;


Count the subscriptions via the Yahoogroups site. To do this:

  1. Log onto eGroups -
  2. Click on the loop name.
  3. On the left hand side of the page, there is a menu, click on Activity.
  4. At the top right hand side, there is a range of options, click on subscriptions. This shows you the all the members who subscribed and unsubscribed from the website and the date they subscribed.


The Trusted Servant Loop

The Trusted Servants loop is a business discussion loop for the Trusted Servants of the Recovery Group. As Greeter of the loop, part of the Trusted Servant position is to be involved in the group consciences and business discussions of the Recovery Group.

To join the Trusted Servant Loop, please send a blank email to

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