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Loop Coordinator Job Description

The Recovery Group Support Loop Coordinators are basically caretakers of a support group. They welcome you when you join us and say goodbye when you leave. They are there to answer your questions, to help you adjust to your new recovery home and to work with the administrators to keep the loops humming. They sometimes introduce topics and remind you of things that you need to be mindful of. Our coordinators understand your needs because they have their own home loops in which they share their experience, strength and hope at a deep level.

Sometimes a loop may be languishing and needs a "shot in the arm." It may be that someone has written and some sort of response is needed which could lead to a topic or thread. When this is happening, we ask our Coordinators to share so that you can get a jump start with your own share and know how members of 12 Step Loops share with one another. By example, the Coordinator will tell you how things used to be, what happened and how life is now working the 12 Step recovery program.

Our Trusted Servants, according to the Traditions of The Recovery Group, serve one-year terms but are encouraged to renew their term for another year in December of each year. If there is just one coordinator, that coordinator should constantly be looking for a second coordinator.


  1. Coordinators send personal welcome and farewell letters.
  2. Coordinators announce each new member to the loop members.
  3. Coordinators send a brief monthly report to their Business List.
  4. Coordinators encourage their loop members to participate.
  5. Coordinators check the mail daily.
  6. Anything else that the Coordinator feels would make his/her list a better recovery home for the members.

*Coordinators of BB and WTS Study Groups have additional responsibilities.

*The responsibilities above have been timed and we find that they take very time if done daily and consistently.

Some loops are study loops with leaders each month. The Coordinator makes sure that those leaders are in place at the beginning of each year and reminds the leaders a week before he/she leads. The Coordinator announces the new leader and thanks the old leader.

The Recovery Loop Coordinators send a report once a month of loop activity to:
Recovery Intergroup.


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