This 10 Day Workshop was held at The Recovery Group on October 16, 2006.

October 16th October 26th

Share and Questions ~ Tradition Six

"An OA group ought never endorse, finance or lend the OA name
to any related facility or outside enterprise lest problems of money,
property and prestige divert us from our primary purpose."


My name is Nancy and I am a compulsive eater.

I have been reading your answers and am learning from all of you. Thanks so much for taking part in this workshop.

When I started "getting it' in program I saw so many different ways people were using the 12 Steps and taking credit for the ideas from the Big Book. The self-help books on my book shelves, guests on tv talk shows, "experts" in the weight loss fields. Even some of my many books on dieting had a lot of 12 step suggestions, just written in a different way. If people were paying all of that money to hear what had already been written in the Big Book and the OA 12 & 12 why wasn't OA making some money too. Besides maybe if OA marketed what they were saying in a different way they might reach a much larger audience. Certainly OA could use the money. Also there was so much they could do with the money that wasn't needed for expenses. Open free OA clinics where compuslive eaters could stay and "dry out". Pay for research into compulsive eating. Go into businesses and schools and teach everyone about OA. Why the good work could go on and on. If only they would start marketing what they had.

Then our group started a study on the Traditions and there was that 6th . Tradition suggesting it wasn't a good idea to lend the OA name to any outside interest.

Remember when I wrote about Tradition Two I gave you some history about why the Traditions came into being? Through years of finding what worked to keep AA a place where drunks helped other drunks remain sober these Traditions were established. It seems that AA had already tried doing charitable works and had proven beyond a doubt that was not going to work. Too many AA people trying to run things, confusion about what AA was. Did AA groups help each other to stay sober or was AA an educational project? Was it spiritual or medical?

And so the 6th. Tradtion was added. If AA was to remain true to it's purpose of helping each other stay sober it needed to stay away from outside interests.

It is also suggested we not endorse non OA materials during our meetings as it may suggest to another member that OA itself agrees with what we personally are endorsing. That includes such things as mentioning what you consider a worthwhile project to sharing an article about weight loss you just read in a magazine. Here in cyper space that can also include someone adding a tag line to their signature telling everyone about their web site or a product they sell.

So again, some questions to think and share about.


1. Is it okay to bring what you feel is an important petition about a project in your neighborhood to an OA meeting so you can ask everyone to sign it?

2. Because of your weight loss, due to working your program of recovery, you are offered a job counseling others at a local weight loss clinic. Should you accept the postion?

3. You have this fantastic web site that advertises your poetry, a lot of which is OA related. Should you add your URL to your signature when you write to a Recovery Group loop?

4. If someone is breaking the 6th. Tradition should you say something? What's the best way to go about this?

5. When TRG publishes it's book of Meditations, written by our members, should we sell advertising space? Even though the book itself will not be sold, only given to those requesting a copy, couldn't the money from the advertisers then be given to OA to offset some of OA's expenses?

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