This 10 Day Workshop was held at The Recovery Group on October 16, 2006.

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Share and Questions ~ Tradition Five

"Each group has but one primary purpose,
to carry its message to the compulsive overeater who still suffers.

My name is Dodee and I'm a compulsive eater.

From page 10 in the AA 12 and 12;

"Better do one thing well than many badly. The life of our Fellowship depends on this principle. The ability of each AA (OA) to identify himself with and bring recovery to the newcomer is a gift from God....passing on this gift to others is our one aim. Sobriety cant be kept, unless it is given away"

From page 145 in the OA 12 and 12;

"One important reason we stick to our primary purpose in OA meetings is so our groups can help us practice the twelfth step. Experience has shown we cannot keep the precious gifts of our own recovery unless we give recovery away by sharing OA's message."

The last thing I tried before OA was a medical plan through my health insurance. Each week, we attended a meeting, learning how to eat and to lose weight. After that, we had meetings just to talk about how it was going. I would talk about my relationship with sugar and the nutritionist who ran the program would shake her head and say "guess you have a sweet tooth."

It wasn't until I attended OA that I heard the real reasons I acted like an addict with sugar and other foods. I have a physical, emotional and spiritual disease. It takes a spiritual solution to deal with it -- all the 12 Steps. The OA 12 x 12 says that although we are offered many solutions for our problems, OA is the only spiritual one.

So what is our primary purpose? To abstain from eating compulsively and carry the message to those who still suffer.

In order to uphold Tradition Five, I need to abstain from eating compulsively. OA doesn't tell me how to do this, but instead offers the tools of the program. Some of those tools also help with the 2nd part of the primary purpose -- of course, service, but also telephone, sponsors, and meetings.

How can I carry the message? I can make sure that there is a meeting held every Saturday at 9 am (in my city) -- in other words, do my part. I can also do my part in service to TRG -- whether in meetings or email loops.

Who are the people who still suffer? Some of them are using a search engine to find a solution to their eating problems. Some are already attending our meetings and loops.

So what is my responsibility in meetings and loops? I believe it is to keep my message focused on recovery. If I need to discuss something that may affect my recovery, I can also list the ways I'm willing to use the program to work out a solution.

The OA 12 x 12 also talks about sending donations to World Service, our local Intergroups and our Regions. There are paid positions in each of those bodies. TRG strongly suggests that you donate to those bodies. But there is no one being paid in TRG. Every position, every web page, every meeting and every email loop is being "manned" by a volunteer. They are doing it to spread the message of recovery to those who still suffer.

Another unique way of spreading the message is for coordinators to make sure their loops are being put on search engines.


Do our meetings concentrate on the primary purpose?

Do our email loops concentrate on the primary purpose?

Is abstinence a priority to us?

How do you carry the message of recovery?

Do you carry this message to ALL to still suffer? Those in relapse? Newcomers? Long-term members?

Do you have any other thoughts on the 5th Tradition?

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