This 10 Day Workshop was held at The Recovery Group on October 16, 2006.

October 16th October 26th


To enable you to familiarize yourself with the 12 Traditions of Overeaters Anonymous, the Recovery Group is pleased to sponsor a 10 day Traditions Workshop on a private e-mail discussion list called Recovery. Following the very successful format of our recent Sponsor Workshop and Trusted Servant's Workshop, we expect a large and enthusiastic group for the Traditions Workshop. Beginning today, the workshop will continue for 10 days finishing with an online Traditions Meeting on October 26th at 6:00 PM ET, as well as an extra meeting on Monday, October 30th at 3:PM EST.

It is quite easy to become a member of our workshop, participate with the group and ask questions of the four facilitators. Not only will the workshop give you the opportunity to learn about the Twelve Traditions and what they mean to you and your group ... but also how they can be applied to your personal recovery. You will be given daily writings by one of our workshop leaders some of which come with questions which you can answer and share with the loop or with your sponsor, as well as other resources. There will also be an opportunity to ask questions you have about the 12 Traditions.

Although we will endeavour to answer questions as they come up some of the questions will be answered at the end of the workshop.

The Traditions Workshop Leaders will be Anylength, Dodee, Nancy and Athena, all OA members with many years in service.

Dodee is one of the Administrators of TRG and has hands-on experience with virtually every aspect of TRG and an extraordinary grasp of the workings of our community.

Anylength has been a member of TRG for about a year now, an OA Meeting Leader and is currently revising the Topics Page, a resource for the Meeting Leaders and Coordinators who use topics in their support groups and meetings. Anylength goes above and beyond and is devoted to the Overeaters Anonymous 12 Step Program.

Nancy has been a Trusted Servant with TRG in many different capacities for many years and is also an Administrator of TRG. She is familiar with many aspects of TRG. Nancy is the glue that makes TRGAdm seem seamless.

Athena> has been a member of TRG for many years and is Chairman of the Discovery Division of the Recovery Group. She is active in many loops as well as her administrative duties. She has dedicated herself to loops that "follow a different drummer" in our Discovery Division.

We also want to thank the Recovery Meeting Leaders and all the other Trusted Servants who give so much to so many.

In loving service,


October 16: Introduction and Tradition 1

October 17: Traditions 2 + 3

October 18: Tradition 4

October 19: Tradition 5

October 20: Tradition 6+ 7

October 21: Tradition 8 + 9

October 22: Tradition 10

October 23: Tradition 11

October 24: Tradition 12

October 25: Questions and Answers, links to resources

October 26: 6pm EST online OA meeting Tradition focus

October 30: 3pm EST online OA meeting Tradition focus

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