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To break down the walls of isolation for compulsive eaters... by providing a safe place where members can contact experienced TRG members, and communicate "one on one" in anonymity, around the clock.

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The Recovery Outreach Angels are members of The Recovery Group, who practice the 12 Steps and Traditions of Overeaters Anonymous. They donate their time and attention to helping other members and carry forward the message of recovery. Our Angels are located throughout the United States, as well as Canada, and areas of Europe and the Middle East. They have a wide range of experience with various eating disorders, and you can connect with an Angel who shares your experience whether you are battling obesity, experiencing anorexia or maintaining a healthy weight and simply need to talk or write to someone individually. Our Angels are like good friends who reach out to you during life's sorrows, struggles, and celebrations...and helps you find your way. The Outreach Angels are not sponsors; however, in many cases a sponsor/sponsee relationship will result. On the other hand, they are available for a single call or chat and make themselves available for that. A

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While the Recovery Group has many resources for COEs (compulsive overeaters) such as support groups, online meetings, a sponsor program, many workshops, studies, newsletters, and writings, there comes a time when a food addict or compulsive eater needs to talk with someone immediately. To be able to browse though a directory, choose one of our many "angels" from all over the world, and within seconds be speaking, e-mailing or chatting via instant message with someone, can be the very thing that makes it possible for the caller to move on in his/her recovery.

There will be many times in your recovery where you will have a question, a concern, or simply need the input of another person, and that is why The Recovery Outreach Angels Program was created. As you work the steps and grow in your recovery, you will find yourself focusing less on food and more on emotional issues. So, when you're feeling down, overwhelmed, angry, lonely, or tired ... TRG makes it possible for you to reach out to someone, connect with them personally, and let their ESH (experience, strength, and hope) take you out of the danger zone.


To connect with a Recovery Telephone, E-Mail or ICQ/AIM/PM Angel, you must be a member of a TRG Loop. As a loop member, you will automatically receive updates to our Recovery Outreach Angels Directory throughout the month. If you do not have a copy and wish to obtain one,you can write to the Outreach Angels Administrative office. Jade manages this program and can be reached at She is there to help and will also explain more about the program if you find yourself interested in wanting to volunteer to be one of our Outreach Angels.


(When requesting any of the Outreach Angel's Directories, please be sure to include the name of the Recovery list that you belong to, as this directory is for TRG members only)

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