Recovery Meeting Protocol


In an effort to make our meetings meet OA protocol standards
we have established a few important guidelines. We can all do
our part to keep the meetings running smoothly by knowing
and following these guidelines as set forth below.

  • Please arrive PROMPTLY. Arriving a little before the start time would be greatly appreciated. Late arrivals and early departures can be distracting so please avoid this if at all possible.

  • Any pre-meeting chat should be limited to the type of conversation you would normally engage in during a live face-to-face meeting. Please be courteous and respectful to each other, keeping in mind that many newcomers may be present and need to feel safe, comfortable, and welcome. Do not discuss things that may be offensive to others.

  • If arriving late, please refrain from openly messaging the channel with greetings or questions about topic. Wait until the share is over as the leader will post the topic once again on the main screen.

  • We begin with some opening statements, the topic, a review of the meeting protocol and a moment of silent prayer.

  • During the meeting please refrain from CROSSTALK, ADVICE-GIVING, and FEEDBACK. Please be respectful of peoples' shares and their feelings. Flames, open and public criticism of someone's share, disrespect, or rudeness will not be tolerated. Channel Operators are authorized to issue you a private warning if you disregard these guidelines. Any person who continually disregards these guidelines after having been warned may be removed from the meeting.

  • It happens sometimes that newcomers may not follow the established protocol or may be unfamiliar with how to share in an appropriate manner. Please do not criticize, chastise or respond to them in any way. The meeting host or a Channel Operator will take care of these situations privately.

  • If you wish to share, type * and the leader will call on people in the order their "hands" went up. It is customary to introduce yourself in the beginning of your share, ie. "Hi, I'm , a COE." In this way, the leader can welcome you on behalf of the group and the members can thank you when you are finished.

  • When typing in your share, try to keep each line short, for the sake of those who are reading it, and end each line with "..." (minus the quotes) so that we know you are continuing. Please keep your shares reasonable in length so that others may have time to share. Also, please keep your share related to the meeting topic, and as it relates to your OA recovery, unless it is specified as Open Sharing.

  • When are are finished sharing, type "DONE."

  • After the sharing portion of the meeting is over we close with a prayer. If you have specific questions, the leader will be in the room before and after the meeting to answer them.

  • If you are going to be away from your keyboard, we ask that you log out of the room and return when you can be fully present.

  • Please be aware that we sometimes get "strangers" in our room that do not know the purpose of our room and our meetings. Do your best to ignore any distractions they may create. The Channel Operators will do their best to monitor these individuals. If you are being harrassed or bothered by one of these "strangers" (through DCC or private messaging), please privately notify the Channel Operator immediately so that action may be taken.

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    This page is for Meeting Leaders and Administrators of The Recovery Group and not for general use.