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Dear New Visitor,

You are on this page of our website because you may be struggling right now and are reaching out for help. You may be "back in the disease" and frightened and need help. If so, I'm glad you found us.

"Relapse" is the word that strikes fear in the heart of every compulsive eater. Yet for many compulsive eaters who find themselves in this state, by sharing our experience, strength and hope with one another we can find our way to abstinence again. The mission of the Relapse and Recovery Loop is to offer a peaceful and safe place to discuss our disease with others ..... and to find the hope we once had again. All are welcome who desire to no longer eat compulsively.

If you are a new visitor to our website and looking for hope, we invite you to read about all of our loops and services. If you have been through our Twelve Step program and are in relapse, we urge you to join Relapse and Recovery and begin sharing your experience, strength and hope with others who are now in relapse or who have been at some time in the past and now want to help others find their way out of it. You will find the Relapse and Recovery a safe place to share openly about our experiences with relapse, whether you are in it or have survived it.

Welcome to our Relapse loop .... and remember to keep coming back!

Love in recovery,
The Trusted Servants of R&R
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